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Phasmophobia: Best Way to Find the Ghost’s Room

To find Ghost’s Rooms in Phasmophobia, you’ll want to use a variety of methods such as listening to your surroundings, checking the temperature of a room, or even using a cursed item.




In Phasmophobia, you’ll need to collect ghost evidence during your investigation. However, for the most part, you might think that a house isn’t haunted simply because there are no apparent signs of any ghost presence inside.

What if I tell you that there are several ways that you can tell if a house has a ghost or not? In this guide, I’ll show you how to do just that so you can make the task of finding the Ghost’s room a lot easier.

Best Way to Find the Ghost’s Room in Phasmophobia

You might initially think that a house is not haunted simply because you didn’t see any signs of a ghost. However, the easiest and most straightforward to tell if there’s a ghost inside is by simply listening to your surroundings.

Credits: Maggstor

This means listening to every noise that you can hear inside a house. You can tell that there’s a ghost inside if you hear the doors being pushed, windows being locked, objects being moved, and so on. Once you happen to hear some suspicious noise, your next action is to head over to that area.

As soon as you get there, check the temperature of the room using a thermometer. It’s also ideal to use an EMF reader to confirm that there’s indeed a ghost inside. Any temperature reading that’s below 10 degrees Celsius is a telltale sign that a ghost is present.

You can also use a paramic for this one, though I would recommend using it only on bigger maps.

The last method, and probably the most dangerous, involves the use of a cursed item such as a voodoo doll, a mirror, or a Ouija board. Each map will contain one cursed item that you can use for this purpose, and they’re actually very effective for that.

However, this method runs the risk of ghosts hunting you instead. Still, as long as you know which spots to hide during the hunt, then you should be safe. In fact, if that’s the playstyle you’re going for, then I would highly recommend following this method.

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