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My Time at Sandrock: Beginner Guide | Top Tips

My Time at Sandrock is the second game in the My Time series, following My Time at Portia. It is currently being developed and self-published by Pathea Games.




Just as in My Time at Portia, crafting, resource gathering and farming are vital aspects of the game. The player character will take on the role of Builder in the dilapidated oasis town of Sandrock, a harsh desert environment with scarce resources compared to the lush world of Portia, and attempt to rebuild the city to its former glory.

Beginner Guide / Top Tips: My Time at Sandrock

You arrive in town by train after accepting a job offer to be Sandrock’s newest Builder and rebuild the community and city to its former glory.

Your workshop is handed down to you from Mason, the town’s previous Builder who is retiring. This guide will teach you some essential tips to hold onto as a beginner in this game.


Since you are in the desert, water is pretty scarce, and it is needed to power your machines. Thankfully Sandrock gives you an option to grind for water (Ten plant dew gives you one water at your worktable) and allows you to buy water.

The need for water adds another dynamic to paying attention to your building queues, but it is entirely manageable. There are new plans and items to find, buy and build.


You will need water for farming, which is a scarce desert resource. Sandrock allows you to stamp straw grids (little sandy soil plots) in your yard and create a way to grow various plants and even trees!

You can fertilize, water, and harvest them. You can also plant wherever you have room in your fence instead of using a plotting container.

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