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Last Epoch: How to Play on Controller | Top Tips

How to control the game

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How to play Last Epoch on a Controller

Last Epoch is an enchanting action RPG game that has been amassing a following for its engaging gameplay and mythical tales. Traditionally ARPG games have been released for PC, which means players are restricted to mouse and keyboard.

Fortunately, not all RPG games are designed the same and this one enhances its appeal for gamers with partial support for controllers. That said, activating the controller support feature is rather tricky. So here are some ways how to play on a controller in Last Epoch.

How to Play on Controller in Last Epoch

Right analog stick is for mouse cursor
Source: Ginger Prime

Last Epoch comes with Xbox and PlayStation controller support. After you’ve launched the game, you will be able to control the mouse cursor with the right analog stick, as seen in the image above.

Items in the game will automatically be picked up. If an item doesn’t seem to want to be picked up , you can also use the right analog stick mouse cursor to pick up items.

Move your character with left analog stick

Once you’ve started the game you can move your character around using the left analog stick, as seen in the image above.

Combat controls

When in combat you’ll need to use a variety of buttons to use your abilities. Press the “B“, “X“, and “Y” buttons to use your abilities. The “A” button is for interaction and you can also use left trigger/ L1 and right trigger/R1 buttons to activate combat abilities.

Wheel of options

Press the “Select” button to jump into your wheel and bring up all your options.

Main menu

When you push “Start” it will bring up the main menu. Here you can access the cosmetics store and a variety of different submenus.

Change input keys

The settings submenu is located under the main menu tab. Here you can access your controller input keys and change them to your gaming preference. If you are uncomfortable with the game’s default control keys alter them for a better gaming performance.

Also, make sure to tune the graphics settings in Last Epoch in order to get the best performance.

That said, you may run into some restrictions when attempting to edit your input controller keys. Otherwise, good luck!

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