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Godfall: Where to Get Orbs | Orb of Oblivion, Orb of Creation

If you’ve reached the endgame portion of GodFall, you’ll probably want to collect the Orb materials to craft some of the best equipment in the game. But these items are not that easy to find…




There are three Orb crafting materials in GodFall –  Orb of Oblivion, Orb of Creation and Orb of Eternity. Orb of Oblivion is needed to create the final Valorplate while the other two can be used to upgrade endgame gear and items. These are, however, very hard to get.

Where to get the Orb of Oblivion, Orb of Creation and Orb of Eternity in GodFall

All three orbs can be obtained by completing Dreamstones, a special set of challenges available after defeating Macros and finishing the main story. To enter a Dreamstone, you’ll have to pay Electrum. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a venture into one will result in getting the orbs, as a bit of RNG comes into play here.

Dreamstone Rewards

After entering a Dreamstone, you’ll be able to choose one of two challenges. You should also be able to see the rewards you’ll get for each of those challenges. After winning one of the challenges, you’ll see one of the boss modifiers that will come into play during the third fight and you’ll be able to choose a boon for your character.

Winning two challenges will unlock the boss fight. Completing it rewards you with even more loot (it can feature any of the orbs) and serves as the end of that Dreamstone. So, if you won’t get the items you need, get ready to hoard a lot of Electrum.

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