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Godfall Ultimate Edition: How to Beat Solaris Boss

How to beat Solaris, the First Step in Godfall Ultimate Edition.




Solaris is a large, mechanical boss who uses broad, sweeping sword blows. It is the game’s first major boss.

How to Beat Solaris Boss in Godfall Ultimate Edition

Solaris is a guardian and the boss of the Sunforge Temple during The First Step. He is a fully armored mechanical behemoth that attacks foes with a mix of melee strikes and long ranged lasers. Right after the game’s intro, you will immediately start with The First Step where you will face Solaris at the end of the temple. Find out how to beat Solaris with this guide.

Breaking Solaris’s Shield

You’ll encounter Solaris at the end of the Sunforge Temple. After walking through the portal, you’ll end up in a large circular room. Walk through the large archway, through the door at the end of the hallway and a cutscene will begin. Attack Solaris enough until its shield is broken (the blue bar below the health bar), this will stun Solaris and make him vulnerable for attacks in a short moment.

Solaris Boss Fight

When Solaris’ health bar is halfway depleted, Solaris will levitate in the air and rain down flames from the sky. Fortunately, this attack is slow and relatively easy to avoid. Take note of the laser attacks headed towards you which also leaves flames on the ground. You can avoid this by running around the arena. Throughout the fight, Solaris will recharge a portion of his shield multiple times. Make sure to delete this when you find an opening. After defeating Solaris, a cutscene will begin.

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