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GodFall: How to Open Spirit Bound Chest

Some of the best loot in GodFall is stored in the Spirit Bound Chests. Opening them, however, can be difficult.




There’s a lot of loot to collect in GodFall, but some of it can be difficult to access. Spirit Bound Chests, though aren’t always hard to open, can pose a problem if you don’t fully understand their mechanics.

How to Open Spirit Bound Chests in GodFall

The general rule of all Spirit Bound Chests is that you need to destroy the blue lock that spawns somewhere close to the chest after interacting with it. There will be a light smudge of blue light flying from the chest that will guide you to the location of that lock. The problem is, it sometimes spawns out of the playable area…

Out-of-Reach Locks

If a lock will spawn in a hard-to-reach area, all you need to do is throw your shield at it. Or use any other projectile at your disposal. There are no fancy tricks here – if you ever see a spirit bound chest, there has to be some sort of position from which you can hit the lock. Occasionally, you might un into chests that have more than one lock to destroy, but that’s as complicated as it’s going to get.

If you don’t remember how you throw your shield, you hold L1 to aim and press R2 to throw on a controller. On a keyboard, it’s Q and the Right Mouse Button.

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