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Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Absorb the Kappa | Kappa Quest

The Kappa mission is one of the many side-missions in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Here’s how to absorb the kappa.




One of the many side-missions in Ghostwire: Tokyo, this one tasks you with absorbing a kappa. We’ll go over every step of completing this quest and give you tips on how to finish it.

How to Absorb the Kappa in Ghostwire Tokyo

At some point, you’ll find the Kappa side mission. In this mission, you’ll be tasked with absorbing a kappa. Capturing and absorbing the kappa can only be done if you are stealthy.

Much like how KK tells you, you’ll have to stay hidden and be stealthy. Wait until the kappa is eating the cucumber you have to offer it. Use any nearby objects you can and rely on your Spectral Vision.

You’ll have to be very patient here. It might take a few minutes for the kappa to position itself near the cucumber. When it finally takes the bait, the game will change the objective to “Absorb the Kappa”.

This is your moment. Quietly and slowly approach the kappa from behind and then follow the on-screen prompt to absord the kappa, completing the mission.

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