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FIFA 23: Finishing Tutorial | Best Ways to Score Goals

Get updated on the changes brought for the attacking aspect of the game.




Let’s face it if you can’t score goals you can’t win. This guide will get you up to date with the significant changes shooting has in FIFA 23.

Low Shots

Low Shots don’t work anymore the way they used to in FIFA 22. To do Low Shots request a Power Shot, but keep the Power Bar under 40%. This works with regular, Power and Finesse Shots, making it perfect for 1v1 situations.

Power Shots

Power Shots are new skill based shot types that add power and accuracy at the cost of a significant windup. Perform them by pressing L1+R1+O on Playstation or LB+RB+B on Xbox. Power Shots are manually aimed, requiring more precision in your input. High-risk high-reward.

Semi Shooting

Semi Shooting was reworked. Accuracy has a heavier emphasis now as it is based on how well your aim – the tradeoff is that it can have double the accuracy of an Assisted Shot in the same position. The place where your aim from also matters: doing so from close to the goal improves accuracy, while if you try from far away the shot will miss completely.

Outside of The Foot on Demand

These kind of shots are requested by pressing the L2 (Playstation) or LT button (Xbox). Be careful, as the L2|LB button is also used for Outside of the Foot passes and L2+Circle or LT+B is the same input used for Flair Shots.

Our best advice is to watch out for the animation: request higher powered shots if you’re aiming for an Outside of The Foot type of shot as it’ll override the Flair Shot animation, ensuring you use the shot you want for the situation.

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