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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: ECU Tuning Guide

Become a car mechanic by reading this guide!

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car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide

Some of us enjoy the revving sounds of the cars as soon as we start the engine, start driving in the open, and cross the finish line in racing games like Need for Speed or Burnout (Burnout is actually one of my favorite racing games!) Little did we know, nevertheless, that we also have a car mechanic simulation game. Well, that’s interesting because that’s actually what we’re going to talk about today, which is Car Mechanic Simulator.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: Initial Tune

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide2

The vehicle’s carburetor(s) or ECU will need to be tuned in the relevant mini-game, depending on the vehicle. Both the ECU tuning tool and the carburetor tuning tool require the balance of four bars in addition to three bars in each tool. In the tool’s lower right corner, it will say “correct ratio” when you’ve maybe reached a balanced point with the tune. The initial tune for each tuning tool is demonstrated in the section below.

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide3

The tune must reach a suitable ratio of any percentage in order to achieve the best tune employing the solution in this guide. To achieve equilibrium, each bar will need to have a random addition (+) or subtraction (-) made.

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide4

With three or four processes, you should be able to balance out the three bars in carburetors. Started with the original tuning, added (+) to the right column, then subtracted (-) from the left column, and finally arrived at the balanced point of 8%.

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide5

Because ECUs have four bars, it may take longer for them to attain a balanced state. It’s critical to realize that every time you add (+) or subtract (-) from one bar, the rest do the exact opposite. Quickly balanced three of the four bars by making a few clicks.

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide6

The next step is to subtract (-) once from each of the three balanced bars and add (+) twice to the unbalanced bar. All four bars were brought to the same level as a result. If this isn’t the case, either keep adding (+) to the unbalanced bar or perform another round of subtractions (-) for the three balanced bars. Keep the three balanced bars together at all times until all four bars are balanced.

Optimum Tune – Carburetors

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide7

It is now simple to get the ideal tune because the bar graph is balanced and has reached the right ratio. Now that the guesswork is over, all you have to do is level up to the tune. By either adding (+) OR subtracting (-) from each bar that moves from left to right or from right to left, you level up. Pick one and stick with it; do not add and subtract at this time. This will enable you to increase from, let’s say, 2% to 18%.

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide8

A quick note on adding (+) or subtracting (-). You can reduce the percentage needed to get the right ratio by adding (+) to each bar in a row. To increase the percentage for the right ratio, add a negative sign (-) to each bar in a row.

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide9

This results from moving either up in one bar (adding) and down in two bars, or down in one bar (subtracting) and up in two bars. Keep in mind that if you change one bar, the rest will do the exact opposite. The bar will move to the other side of the chart if you exceed the minimum or maximum. 18% over becomes 2%, and 2% over becomes 18%. While this may seem perplexing at first, it will make sense as you experiment with the tuner.

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide10

You level up for carburetors by 2% each time, as shown below. You won’t miss 18% with the ECU tuning tool because it levels by 2% each time, which is possible. and lastly, an 18% gain, which is the highest conceivable.

Optimum Tune – ECUs

car mechanic simulator 2021 ecu tuning guide11 1

When you’ve found the right ratio, keep in mind that you can only add (+) or subtract (-) from each bar, not both. Making a mess again from doing both. You level up for ECUs by 4% every time. Accordingly, if you hit 16%, you’ll miss 18% and drop back to 2%. This is good; just keep leveling upward, and 18% will be reached this time. Because 18 is not divisible by 4, this occurs (the number of bars). Because 18 is divisible by 3, this is not a problem for carburetors (the number of bars). The upward leveling, which began at 2%, It increases by 4%.

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