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Black Mesa: Where is the Crossbow

Though ammo for it is scarce, Crossbow is one of the best silent weapons in the game. But where can you find it?




The Crossbow in Black Mesa is a very effective sniper weapon, that can be used to easily deal with some mini-bosses, particularly the Ichthyosaur. But finding it may be difficult, due to a very rare bug…

Where is the Crossbow in Black Mesa

Where is the Crossbow in Black Mesa

There are two locations where you can find a crossbow in the game. The first is in the shark cage in a room with the first Ichthyosaur in the “Apprehension” chapter. For some reason, it also spawns in the water under the cage sometimes, so if you don’t find it immediately, make sure to search the whole room.

The second crossbow can be found in a chapter called “Questionable Ethics”. It is lying next to a dead security guard in the room with two operating tables.

Crossbow Bugs

There is a very rare bug that makes the crossbow completely disappear from the “Apprehension” chapter. It happens very rarely, and in most cases, the weapon is still obtainable in the “Questionable Ethics” chapter, but this bug can make the fights against Ichthysaurs much more difficult.

If you don’t find the crossbow in the room with a shark cage, you can try to load a save game – preferably one before the chapter – and the crossbow might spawn, but this method doesn’t always work. And since this bug happens incredibly rarely, it doesn’t seem like the developers are planning to fix it, as players still seem to encounter it ever since 2016.

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