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No Place Like Home: How to Tame Robots

Farming in No Place Like Home is a bit more futuristic than you might expect, with your livestock consisting of robots, among other creatures. But to have them on your farm you need to tame them first…




 Who said that your farm’s livestock only needs to include organic creature? In No Place Like Home, you can tame robots that roam the land, but the process might be a little complicated – especially since most of them will attack you on sight.

How to Tame Robots in No Place Like Home

There is only one type of robots you can tame in No Place Like Home – Cubebots. They won’t attack you, thought they might run away if you approach them. You’ll first need to use vacuum in order to clean them up. Now, if you’ll give them a battery by selecting it and pressing “E” when the robot Is highlighted. This should cause a heart to appear next to it, indicating that it has been tamed.

Cubebot Lodge

In order to gain anything out of cubot taming, you’ll need to have a Cubebot Lodge on your farm. Each can hold 5 cubebots at a time. You will need to care for them every day so that they produce 10 recycled material. A cubebot can ask you for one of three things – a bath, a battery or a physical interaction. As long as you can meet those needs every day, the cubebots should produce the materials at a steady pace.

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