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No Place Like Home: How to Cook

Farming in No Place Like Home is fun on it’s own, but it’s even more fun when you can use the harvests to cook some meals. But how do you do that?




Like many other sim games, No Place Like Home features a cooking mechanic. And of course, the rules of this mechanic have their own little quirks in this game, making it a bit difficult to learn if you’re just starting out.

How to Cook in No Place Like Home

How to Cook in No Place Like Home

In order to cook in No Place Like Home, you’ll need to first build a kitchen. You can access the “Basic” tab from your workshop’s menu. The blueprint costs 5 Prepared Meals and 2 Tomatoes, while crafting the structure requires 8 pieces of recycled material and 9 pieces of rubble.


How to Cook in No Place Like Home

Now, you can use any edible item you have in the kitchen to cook, but only some will result in a meal. You can discover recipes while playing the game, which will tell you what combinations of ingredients you need for different meals, but keep in mind that not every meal has a corresponding recipe.

Experimental Cooking

How to Cook in No Place Like Home

But, you can also just try to mix the ingredients on your own – this is called Experimental Cooking. If you won’t figure out the correct combination of ingredients, the result will always be pet food. And remember that the game is very specific about the recipes – for example, you can only make mashed potatoes with exactly two potatoes – using one or three will result in pet food.

Upgrading the Kitchen

Some more complex meals will require more ingredient types than two. For that, you’ll need an upgraded kitchen. Each upgrade adds one more ingredient slot you can work with.

The blueprints for those can be found in Mark’s Shop – the first upgrade requires 10 Prepared Meals and 1 dish of Fries with Ketchup, while the second one costs 20 Prepared Meals and 1 Fruit Salad.

The crafting cost is 13 Recycled Material and 18 Rubble for the first upgrade, and 30 Recycled Material and 20 Rubble for the second one. You can upgrade your kitchen by building the better version on top of your already existing kitchen.

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