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No Place Like Home: Where to Find Key Parts

Key parts are hidden items required for some quests in No Place Like Home. This guide will help you find them all.




There’s a total of 6 lost key parts in the game. They’re required for a couple of quests in the game and can be fairly tricky to find. However, this guide should make it easier to find them all.

Where to Find Key Parts in No Place Like Home

The lost key parts are required for a couple of quests in Chapter 3. The “Lost Keys” and “Even More Keys” quests both require you to find a total of 6 lost key parts. All of them can be found within yellow-colored suitcases in different spots.

Now, we suggest you use your vacuum and thoroughly check the area after opening these suitcases, just in case. Sometimes the keys jump out of the cases in odd ways. This has led some players to not actually grab the key after opening the suitcase. It can be grabbed at any later point, regardless, but it can cause confusion.

Regardless, these are the location of the 6 key parts in No Place Like Home.

Keys by Location

Keys in the farm:

  • One key is found in an alcove to the left side of the first section of the farm, near some debris.
  • Another key is found in a heightened section near where you first meet Rudy. You’ll need a crate to be able to reach it.

Keys in the village:

  • Found in a closed fenced area next to the river, in the first section of the main village. You’ll need to activate a water-based button on the other side of the river first.
  • Around the last section of the main village, on a platform near the biggest tree of the village.

Key in the underground:

  • To the right of a gap-puzzle door that can be accessed behind Harold’ house. You’ll have to complete a puzzle to reach it.

Key in Lonely Hills:

  • On top of the mountain, next to Cornelius. There’s also a sword stuck in a stone next to this suitcase.

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