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The Planet Crafter: Blueprint Microchip Locations

Blueprint microchips are useful for unlocking blueprints in The Planet Crafter. Here are all 14 known locations.




Found within blue crates and containers, these blueprint microchips are needed to unlock blueprints in the game. With this guide, you shouldn’t have trouble finding all 14 blueprint microchips currently in the game.

Blueprint Microchip Locations in The Planet Crafter

Locating the blueprint microchips is not too hard if you know where to look. Like with other things in The Planet Crafter, they can be fairly easy to locate using the coordinates found on the bottom left side of your screen. These are found below your HP, Thirst, and Oxygen stats.

You might notice it’s 5 sets of numbers. We’ll focus on just the first 3 sets of numbers. The last two don’t really help us here. Keeping these coordinates in mind, you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating the microchips. We’ll give you the coordinates for every one of them below.

Coordinates for the Blueprint Microchips

In this section, we’ll give you a general idea of where each blueprint microchip is located and its coordinates. These are all found inside blue storage containers. It should be pretty easy to find all of them by following the coordinates and checking the blue crates you find. In total, there are 14 of these microchips currently in the game. More might be added through updates, however.

Note that some of these can only be found after the ice has melted, such as the ones near the sand falls.

  • In the ravine near the starting point – 662:3:760
  • In front of the crash near the starting point – 438:14:667
  • Inside a very small container inside a wreckage – 1102:16:695
  • In the Aluminum Fields – 870:35:178
  • Inside a wrecked starship in the Aluminum Fields – 910:28:48
  • In the desert, inside a wrecked container – 506:19:-200
  • Inside another wrecked container close to the previous one – 444:11:-210
  • Deep past the Iridium Caves, out in the open in the area with the sandfalls – 517:72:1556
  • In the same area as the previous one, closer to the sandfalls – 711:66:1716
  • At the end of the secret osmium cave under the sandfalls – 633:33:1931
  • Inside the stone labyrinth found near the canyon biome – 1379:7:644
  • Found within the crash in the middle of the stone labyrinth – 1495:51:575
  • Inside the gorge of the canyon biome, close to the cliff edge – 2055:7:150
  • Near a crash inside the gorge of the canyon, not far from the previous chip – 2196:2:616

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