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Against the Storm: Quick Tips that Will Get You Started

Jumpstart your Against the Storm journey with a few quick tips




Against the Storm Quick Tips that Will Get You Started

Against the Storm is a strategy-based survival game that allows players to manage their resources and build bases in an attempt to survive. It’s a game that requires wits and a giga-chad brain to effectively manage everything.

However, not everyone can quickly adapt to a brain-intensive game like Against the Storm. That’s why we’ve provided 6 quick tips to get players a jump start in the game. Let’s dive in.

6 Quick Tips to Get You Started

1. You don’t need to rush

As opposed to what numerous beginner payers do, you don’t have to choose orders, blueprints, or new villagers straight away. Don’t rush.

6 Quick Tips to Get You Started Against the Storm
Image source: Beaviful

Take your time to consider your resources and prioritize what you should do first. Sometimes the reward of orders is buildings. So, you should be very careful about what order you choose.

2. Utilize Seasonal Modifiers Correctly

Seasonal Modifiers like berry new year are active during the drizzle. It can be more efficient to have a worker doing these jobs only during the drizzle.

Utilize Seasonal Modifiers correctly
Image source: Beaviful

During drizzle, workers take 30 seconds but outside that season they only produce 2. Villagers can be better utilized using other forest mysteries.

3. Hostility Cheese

If you have nothing to sacrifice, try taking a wood cutter off to reduce hostility. However, make sure you can handle the reduced wooden intake first.

Hostility Cheese
Image source: Beaviful

4. Don’t Set Your Output Limit Too High

It’s important to remember to only make what you need. If you put your limit higher you will burn through your resources very quickly.

Dont set your output limit too high
Image source: Beaviful

Later on, you will eventually get a more efficient method of making planks so take it slow.

5. Stop Cutting Into Small Glades When you Have Good Resources

When you reach mid-game, small glades raise hostility without a big enough benefit. When you reach higher difficulties, you might not be able to handle any unnecessary hostility so it’s better to get dangerous blades instead.

Stop cutting into small glades when you have good resources
Image source: Beaviful

6. Remember the Consumption Tool

This is unlocked in the upgrades at obsidian archive level 6. This is very useful when you have the order to make 40 flour but your villagers keep eating the roots. Using the consumption tool players can forbid the villagers from eating them.

Remember the Consumption tool
Image source: Beaviful

Simply uncheck the box on which resource they won’t consume. Just make sure you have another food source so your villagers won’t suddenly starve to death.

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