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Last Epoch: How to Fix Failed to Matchmake

Server issues or just a bug?




Last Epoch isn’t any stranger to bugs and glitches, but failing to connect and matchmake is one of the worst ones. This makes the game essentially unplayable for many people and is frustrating and annoying for everyone else. 

There are no guaranteed fixes for this issue either. Players have managed to fix their matchmaking issues by taking some different troubleshooting steps though. We’ll be going through some of those, try them out!

How to Fix Failed to Matchmake

The only solution to the matchmaking issues is for the developers to fix their servers and address player complaints. In the meantime, we can try and take some measures to circumvent the issues.

Flushing DNS

According to some players, flushing the DNS cache can help bypass the failing-to-match issue. The process to do this is simple. First, open Command Prompt by right-clicking it and running it as administrator.

Command Prompt for Last Epoch

Then type in “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter. Try logging into the game again now.

Validating Game Files

Sometimes, the issue is caused by corrupt or messed up files. Similarly, you can even find yourself losing your saved characters. To fix that, we need to revalidate our game files through Steam. You can do this by going to the properties of your game on Steam. First, click the gear icon. 

Steam Settings for Last Epoch

Then click Properties. 

Properties of Last Epoch

For the last step, head to the Installed Files tab and click “Verify integrity of game files”. This might take a while, so be patient!

Installed Files in Last Epoch

Playing Offline

As a last resort, if the previous options don’t help, you might have to just deal with playing offline. This is just temporary, as sooner or later the developers will address their server issues. In the case of no fixes being available, patience and compromise end up being the only solution.

No one likes dealing with bugs, and no one likes dealing with troubleshooting either. In this case, all that’s left to do is try the fixes and then wait if they don’t work. We’ll be waiting with you, and hopefully, the issues will be resolved soon!

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