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Can You Restore a Deleted Character in Last Epoch?

Give these a try.

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Can you restore deleted characters in Last epoch?

Few things cause as much anxiety as deleting your character and wanting them back. With Last Epoch being in early access/beta for over three years a number of players also experienced bugs with characters disappearing when new ones were created.

So what, if anything, can you do to fix it? With the official launch of path 1.0 due on 21 Feb 2024 things may change, but here is what you can try as it stands.

Can You Restore a Deleted Character?

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The short answer is, sometimes. You can play Last Epoch in online and offline modes.

Offline play stores all of your saved files on your machine locally. Online play stores your data either on servers or in Steam’s cloud backup.

If you deleted a character yourself there are a few things you can try which we will get to shortly.

If you your characters disappeared on their own it’s a slightly different story. This can be caused either by a bug, glitch, or corrupt save file.

What If Your Character Disappeared?

If you did not delete the character yourself and it disappeared after you created a new character or updated give this a try.

For offline play, you can try to revert your game to an earlier version, before the save was corrupted. If you have a rollback system like Time Machine active or if you manually backed up your saved files this might be possible.

If you play online, some users had success getting their characters back just by logging out and then back in. Other than that you might be out of luck until the bug is fixed.

How to Restore a Deleted Character in Last Epoch Offline

Because your files are stored locally for offline play, you can access them directly. Usually, for Windows OS the pathway is:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\ Last Epoch\Saves

How to Restore a Deleted Character in Last Epoch Offline

The best case scenario here is if you have previously made a backup of your saved files. You can try replacing the saved file with an older version, or copy the character’s file, into the correct folder on your system.

If you haven’t backed up, you can try to restore from a _temp save file or character file. This may be found either on your local system or in Steam’s Cloud storage backup.

The file would usually be found in the Appdata folder if it is available. Rename it without .temp and if you got it off Steam’s backup, copy it into the correct folder on your system.

Unfortunately, there is not much more to do at the moment if this does not work for your offline characters.

How to Restore a Deleted Character in Last Epoch Online?

Submit a trouble ticket to Last Epoch support.

For online characters, your data is not stored locally. You do not have direct access to all the files. Instead, you will need to submit a trouble ticket to Last Epoch Support and see if they are able to help you.

Will Your Characters be Deleted with the Official Launch of Last Epoch Ver.1.0?

No. Your old characters will just be moved to a legacy branch. They will be available to you to play with full access to the new content. If you want to compete to be on the leaderboard for the cycle, you will need to make a new character after launch.

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