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Last Epoch: How to Set Right Click to Move

Can you tweak movement inputs in Last Epoch?




Most top-down view games, especially action RPG’s, allow players to move using the right mouse button. Last Epoch is a bit different in this respect, as to move in this game, you need to use the left mouse button.

Movement is one of the most basic yet essential mechanics in the game. Most players will find it much more convenient to use right-click to move, as it is a force of habit.

How to Set Right Click to Move

Last Epoch: How to Set Right Click to Move

Sadly as of now, there is no way to use right click to move in this game. Inputs for most actions can very easily be changed, just not for movement. You can use the right mouse button for other actions in the game.

Last Epoch does have plenty of customization options though. For example, the game has built-in controller support that allows you to play the game with a controller.

gameplay Last Epoch

One way you can work around this is by switching around the left and right mouse buttons using your mouse’s software.

Some software also allows you to make configurations for specific applications. This would be very helpful as you won’t need to change the settings each time you are playing Last Epoch.

One thing that the devs of the game have done right is listen to a lot of player complaints. The issue regarding right-click movement has been discussed on various forums and sites for quite some time. Fans of the game will be hopeful that this is something they can see very soon.

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