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Dungeons 4: Mission 12 Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips to complete Mission 12 easily!




Dungeons 4 introduces a formidable challenge in Mission 12, a quest that has left many players scratching their heads. Recognizing the difficulty of this mission, it’s crucial to approach it with strategy rather than haste. Drawing from the collective wisdom of the gaming community, here are 12 tips and tricks to help you conquer Mission 12 successfully.

Mission 12 Tips & Tricks

  1. Long Entrances and Demon Dominance:
    • Connect all dungeon entrances to a single long tunnel, forcing heroes to traverse a considerable distance.
    • Rely on demons as they prove highly effective in navigating the challenges of this mission.
  2. Timing and Target Priority:
    • Be cautious of powerful enemies like Tanos; a single misstep can lead to devastating consequences.
    • Prioritize the destruction of towns and swiftly eliminate good beings like frogs and unicorns to impede Tanos’ progress.
  3. Achievements and Perks:
    • Opt for the “cheap skills” perk, which reduces evilness costs.
    • Strategically use Gorgu to interrupt Tanos and dispatch the appearing good beings.
  4. Strategic Destroying:
    • Keep towns in ruins to hinder Tanos’ evilness accumulation.
    • Utilize a combination of gazers and imps with armor reduction to handle stronger heroes effectively.
  5. Gorgu and Tanos:
    • Deploy Gorgu strategically, dropping him near Tanos when he’s close to a good being to handle both simultaneously.
  6. Denying Evilness to Tanos:
    • Exploit the moment when good beings stop respawning and towns are mostly destroyed; Tanos struggles to intercept deliveries and build crews.
    • Seize key towns while Tanos is occupied elsewhere to slow down his progress.
  7. Early Scouting and Resource Management:
    • Conduct an early scout for easily accessible gold and diamond veins.
    • Prioritize resource gathering to avoid running out of gold during critical research.
  8. Perks for Thalya and Trap Setup:
    • Choose perks such as more EXP for Thalya, 50% off her spells, and 50% more trap damage.
    • Set up traps early and focus on their continuous upgrading for increased damage.
  9. Constant Farming and Strategic Teleporting:
    • Continuously farm the overworld, staying ahead of Tanos in claiming targets.
    • Use Thalya’s teleport strategically to defend the dungeon and beat Tanos to critical locations.
  10. Meteor Shower Mastery:
    • Employ the Meteor Shower spell to efficiently deal with Tanos.
    • Use the spell when Tanos is on a good being to steal the evilness while preserving your army.

Mission 12 in Dungeons 4 presents a significant challenge, but armed with these 12 tips and tricks, gleaned from collective experience, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the complexities and emerge victorious.

Remember to strategize, prioritize, and adapt your approach to claim success in this demanding mission.

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