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Dungeons 4: Best Units Guide (All Factions)

All 4 Factions, their units and how to use them!

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Dungeons 4: Complete Units & Traps Guide (All Factions) Featured Image

If you’re going to take over the upperworld and topple the forces of good in Dungeons 4, you’d want to bring the best of the horde with you. Of course, you won’t be able to do that if you don’t even know who to bring.

Each unit and faction offer their own way of making your team better and stronger. To help you out, I’ll talk about every single unit from each faction, and how you can utilize them to their fullest.

Best Units Guide (Demon, Horde, Undead & Dungeon)

I’ll discuss each faction and their units in detail to provide you a good understanding on how to utilize them in the best way possible.

If you’re only looking for a certain faction, feel free to use the table of contents below.


Imps, Infernals, Gazers, Succubus – Demon units thrive on ranged attacks, emphasizing glass-cannon tactics. Utilize Imps for long-range single-target damage, Infernals for mid-range AOE, Gazers for unique fire-resistance debuffs, and Succubus as tanks with a powerful “Beguile” spell.

Now for the playstyle, coordinating their abilities is key to maximizing damage output. As for which unit to prioritize, you’d like to use a good number of Imps and Gazers.

Dungeons 4 Units Demon


Orcs, Nagas, Goblins, Gnomes – The Horde faction provides a diverse range of units. Orcs serve as sturdy melee, Nagas as healing ranged units, Goblins for significant melee damage, and Gnomes as mid-range DPS.

Balancing these units and leveraging their upgrades is crucial for success. Also, it’s worth noting that Naga’s are very good, so if you’d run Horde, you’ll want to use a decent number of them.

Dungeons 4 Units Horde


Banshee, Bone Lord, Vampire Queen, Necromancer – Undead units are an investment in power and endurance. Banshees deliver AOE damage, Bone Lords act as tank units with tough minions (perfect for frontlining), Vampire Queens are indispensable for healing, and Necromancers offer strategic control with “blight mist” and armor reduction.

Ice Tomb – The Ice Tomb introduces an unconventional yet very potent strategy—reviving enemy units to fight for you without affecting your population limit. This game-changing tactic allows for the creation of an army with limitless ghost units (Yes, as much as your PC can handle).

The Undead’s ability to summon minions adds a layer of complexity, creating powerful, near invincible (or rather, never ending) armies over time.

As for the units in general, the Necromancers are the weakest unit in the game by far, but other units in the faction compensate for that, so make sure to utilize them well.

Dungeons 4 Units Undead


Snots – These versatile minions are the backbone of this faction, excelling in mining, building, and crafting. Maintaining a high Dungeon Faction level is crucial, and I advise quickly advancing them to Level 3 for stone mining.

Thalya – Your spellcaster heroine, may not hit hard, but her spells are invaluable. Spells like “To Dungeonheart” and “Baleful Tempest” can turn the tide. Meanwhile, summoning Dungeonlord Grogu is your “I WIN” button, so either use him for “emergencies” or just to clear bases/units.

There you have it! Are you having a hard time managing your resources? Check out our Dungeons 4: Resource Management Guide.

Dungeons 4 Units Dungeon

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