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Dungeons 4: Perk Potion Hotkey | How To Find & Grab Potions

For now, the best option is to manually scroll through everything…

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Dungeons 4: Perk Potion Hotkey | How To Find & Grab Potions Featured Image

Dungeons 4 lets you manage a whole Dungeon and grow to become the strongest. Since its release, the game has received much positive feedback from the gaming community. However, since this is a new game, players may encounter some of the issues while playing it.

As you progress, your inventory becomes bigger and bigger. This is why some players may struggle to find the Perk Potion or any kind of potion they need. In this article, we will show you some of the community discussions about it and whether there will be any new changes in the future.

Perk Potion Hotkey | How To Find & Grab Potions

Sometimes, you can command your snots to craft up to 100+ different potions. Having a lot of potions to use whenever you need to is good. However, if you are looking for a specific potion, you may need to scroll through them manually, which is very tedious.

For now, there is a potion hot bar on the left side of the screen where you can select potions without having to grab them from the room.

The Hotbar does not have an icon for them yet, and the tooltips aren’t dependable, so that’s everything you can do for now.

Dungeons 4: Perk Potion Hotkey | How To Find & Grab Potions

In the future, we may see new changes to help players look for potions more easily. To deal with this problem in the short run, you can try reducing the number of potions you have in your inventory. Only craft potions when you really need them and when they are necessary for you to use.

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