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Dungeons 4: Resource Management Guide

Struggling with some resource management? I did as well.




Navigating the intricacies of resource management is a key aspect of success in Dungeons 4. New players, in particular, often find themselves grappling with questions about gold depletion, food shortages, and the occasional worker strike.

I’ve made sure to include my best strategies to manage resources and properly set-up players for success. Let’s delve into the my key strategies and advice!

Resource Management Guide

  1. Gold Management:
    • Dig for Gold Veins: Assign snots to dig in a straight line to discover additional gold veins.
    • Room Size Matters: Build rooms conservatively, expanding as your army grows. A 3×3 size is often sufficient.
    • Mining Efficiency: Lock snots in gold rooms to maintain focus and increase mining efficiency.
    • Doors as Efficiency Boosters: Use doors to enclose rooms and boost efficiency, preventing wasted space.
  2. Food Production:
    • Expand Existing Farms: Enlarge turkey farms instead of building more. A 5×5 room can later expand to 7×7.
    • Efficient Gobbler Rooms: Research gobbler upgrades to increase capacity and efficiency.
    • Enclosed Rooms: Ensure all rooms, including farms, are enclosed to maintain 100% efficiency.
    • Mana Spells for Food: Once basic spells are researched, create turkeys and crates with mana.
  3. Worker Strikes:
    • Meet Creature Demands: Address the needs of your creatures, including payment, food, and sleeping quarters.
    • Room for Growth: Ensure rooms are available for higher-level creature needs as they progress.
    • Balanced Expansion: Expand carefully to avoid overwhelming your resources and creature satisfaction.
  4. Unit Revival:
    • Different Units, Different Revival Methods: Undead revive at graveyards, demons at portals (with evilness cost), orcs do not revive.
    • Special Rooms for Revival: As the game progresses, unlock special rooms for horde creature revival.
    • Efficiency in Revival: Optimize graveyard and portal spaces for efficient unit revival.
  5. Diamond Nodes and Infinite Resources:
    • Hidden Diamond Nodes: Explore the underground for hidden diamond nodes, providing an infinite resource.
    • Upgrade Snots for Diamond Nodes: Level up snots to dig through harder rock to access diamond nodes.
    • Efficient Snot Deployment: Utilize level 6 snots with teleporters for improved efficiency.
  6. Cheesing Resource Discovery:
    • Mark Entire Map for Digging: Highlight the entire map for digging to reveal gold and diamond nodes.
    • Strategic Resource Focus: Unmark and focus on areas with highlighted resources for efficient exploration.
  7. Room Efficiency and Door Utilization:
    • Closed-Off Rooms: Ensure rooms are closed off for increased efficiency (90-100% with a door).
    • Maximize Room Productivity: Use doors to fill in space, increasing productivity in various rooms.

Wrap Up

Armed with these comprehensive tips and insights, new players can navigate the challenges of resource management in Dungeons 4 more effectively.

From optimizing gold mining to ensuring the satisfaction of your creature army, these strategies will help you build a thriving dungeon empire. May your snots mine efficiently, and your creatures remain content in their dark abode!

Let me know if I missed any important bits!

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