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Dungeons 4: Beginner’s Guide + Tips & Tricks

Hm… What should I do with my base? Which upgrades do I get?

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Dungeons 4 is a newly released game where you get an even bigger dungeon to play with. With more space, you can build a cozy and comfortable dungeon that suits your creatures’ needs. Once your base is strong enough, you can command your creatures to do many tasks for you.

When you start building your dungeon as a beginner, you may not know what to prioritize first. Each decision you make early on can greatly affect your progress in the future. In this Beginner’s Guide, we will provide you with some Tips & Tricks to help you start building your Dungeon.

Beginner’s Guide + Tips & Tricks

For your first tip, start off the game with Thalya. Don’t be hesitant when it comes to sending her into battle. She is actually a really powerful hero for you to use.

Once she dies in battle, the little creatures will be able to bring her back to life. Remember to send her to battle to support your other troops.

Dungeons 4: Beginner's Guide + Tips & Tricks Thalya

While you are mining in your Dungeon, you will come across resources. Sometimes, you can wait for your units to come along and pick up those resources. If there are a lot of resources, this process can be really slow and take you a lot of time.

Do you know that you can actually pick up these resources and decide where to distribute them? With this tip, you can save a lot of time moving resources to your banks. Since you are already the one doing this task, your units can be sent on other tasks to be more efficient.

Dungeons 4 Resources

Even if you don’t know what to do with your units, they will automatically find something to do for themselves.

For example, when they have nothing to do, they will even go and decorate the walls and rooms of your Dungeon!

Dungeons 4 Rooms

The Bone Lords are very strong units that can do massive damage, are quite tanky and can even resurrect themselves when they go down.

Keep in mind that they can cost you a decent amount of resources. Overall, this is a reliable unit you can use in battle.

Dungeons 4 Bone Lords

You can also raid the Dwarven bases you find. Often, you will run into these Dwarfs and their bases when you are exploring or expanding your Dungeon.

Dungeons 4 Raid

If you leave your units to attack the base for long enough, the Dwarfs’ bases will start to accumulate gold.

After a while, you will be able to collect these Golds by hand and move them to your resources room. This means that raiding Dwarf settlements can be really useful.

Dungeons 4 Gold

Around the map, you can find the Gold Veins and Diamond Veins. You can then assign your units there and they will start gathering those resources for you.

As they mine, resources will be added to your bank account as soon as possible.

Dungeons 4 Gold Vein

Be careful of expanding your base since you may not want to expand it too quickly. If you are lucky, you will come across rooms with lots of resources.

However, there is also a risk of running into a lava pit, Demons, or other settlements. It may be hard for you to fight against the invaders as a beginner.

Dungeons 4 Expansion

You can put units in the Guard Rooms to defend your base. However, another more effective approach can be building Trap Rooms in your Dungeon.

You may not want to consistently send your units against enemy Heroes, so this can help you save a lot more resources.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it may be tempting to unlock newer, cooler troops. However, doing this can cost you a lot of resources, and resources are limited in this game.

Sometimes, it is better to slow down and reconsider every single decision you are about to make.

Dungeons 4 Guard

Those are some Beginner Tips for you in Dungeons 4! You can apply these tips to make more effective decisions that can help you achieve your goals and save resources. As you progress, there will be many other features to explore, so keep trying your best!

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