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Dungeons 4: How To Blow Up Dynamite Carts (TNT) Guide

It may be a bug that you’re experiencing with those dynamite carts after all!




Dungeons 4, a game that has won the hearts of many with its complex gameplay and challenging tasks, presents players with a unique challenge: dynamite carts. This guide will walk you through the process of detonating these explosive vehicles in the game.

How To Blow Up Dynamite Carts in Dungeons 4

Dynamite carts make their first appearance in a specific mission. They are part of your weaponry, waiting to unleash their destructive power.

The detonation process begins with a button. This button is located next to the portrait where your active skills are shown.

Pressing this button will start the detonation process, but don’t expect an immediate explosion.

After pressing the button, position the cart next to your target (like a boulder) and wait. The cart should explode after a while.

Potential Issues

Some players have encountered problems with the dynamite carts not exploding when commanded. In these cases, the carts would only explode if they were destroyed by Heroes or towers.

If you’re experiencing this problem, a possible solution could be to place the cart in a location where heroes are likely to pass by and destroy it.

Response from the Game Developers

The game developers are aware of the issues players have reported with the dynamite carts. They have acknowledged the issue and have passed it on to their development team.

Wrapping Up

Detonating dynamite carts in Dungeons 4 may seem daunting, but with a bit of patience and strategy, you can master this task. The key is to find the detonation button, start the explosion, and wait for the results.

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