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Dungeons 4: How To Unlock All Perks | Cheat Guide

Want a quick way to unlock all perks?




In the world of Dungeons 4, unlocking all perks can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. However, achieving this feat without playing through the campaigns can be a bit tricky. Here’s a cheat guide that will help you unlock all perks in the game.

NOTE: This is a cheat guide and not a legit way of unlocking all the perks in-game.

How To Unlock All Perks With Cheats

  1. The first step is to locate the configuration file for Dungeons 4. This file is typically located in the following path on your computer:C:\Users\Aleksandar's PC\AppData\Roaming\Kalypso Media\Dungeons 4\config-profile.cfg .
  2. At the end of the configuration file, you will find entries that start with campaign. You need to modify (or add if it doesn’t exist) the following line:
    • campaign.unlockedevilperks=
  3. This line should be modified to:
    • campaign.unlockedevilperks=evilperk_skill_tentacle evilperk_skill_callback
    • evilperk_skill_storm evilperk_thalya_xp evilperk_demons_research
    • evilperk_horde_research evilperk_undead_minions
    • evilperk_general_traps_and_doors evilperk_horde_xp
    • evilperk_undead_research evilperk_demons_damage_evilness
    • evilperk_general_research evilperk_general_snots
    • evilperk_general_payday_guru evilperk_thalya_health evilperk_thalya_damage
    • evilperk_undead_turned_hero evilperk_general_evil_traps
    • evilperk_general_damage evilperk_thalya_skill_cost
  4. Please note that the entire line should be on a single line
  5. After making the necessary modifications, save the configuration file.
  6. Finally, enter the game. You should now have all perks unlocked in Dungeons 4.

By following these steps, you can unlock all perks in Dungeons 4 without having to play through the campaigns.

Please note that this guide is intended for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk. Always remember that cheating can take away from the fun and challenge of the game.

How to View Hidden Folders in Windows

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  2. Access the View Tab: Once you have File Explorer open, look at the top of the window for the “View” tab and click on it.
  3. Check the Hidden Items Box: In the “Show/hide” section of the “View” tab, you’ll see a checkbox labeled “Hidden items”. Click on this box to check it.

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