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Cuisineer: How Many Dungeon Floors Are There?

On what floor did you lose?




Cuisineer, a popular game among players, offers a unique blend of cooking and dungeon exploration. The game’s dungeons are a significant part of the gameplay, providing players with a challenging and exciting experience. However, the question that often arises among players is: “How many floors are there in a dungeon in Cuisineer?”

How Many Dungeon Floors Are There?

The dungeons in Cuisineer typically consist of 6 floors. This structure seems to be consistent across all dungeons, providing a uniform experience for players.

Each dungeon is designed to test the player’s skills and endurance, with the difficulty increasing as they progress through the floors.

Boss Floors

In addition to the regular floors, there are also boss battles that take place on the 3rd and 6th floors of each dungeon. These battles serve as milestones for players, marking their progress through the dungeon.

They also provide an additional challenge, requiring players to strategize and utilize their resources effectively to emerge victorious.

Some players have compared the dungeons in Cuisineer to those in other games, such as Moonlighter. While some players feel that the dungeons in Cuisineer are longer and more challenging, others appreciate the complexity and depth that these dungeons offer.

One suggestion from the community is to allow players to start on the level below the last floor boss they’ve killed when they re-enter the dungeon.

This would provide a nice compromise, balancing the challenge of the dungeons with the player’s progression. But we’ll see if that’s something that BattleBrew think is worth doing.


For those who enjoy the shop/dungeon roguelite genre, other games such as Moonlighter, Recettear: An Item Shop Tale, and Potionomics are also recommended.

In conclusion, the dungeons in Cuisineer, with their six floors and challenging boss battles, offer an engaging and rewarding experience for players. They are a testament to the game’s depth and complexity, providing endless hours of fun and excitement.

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