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Cuisineer: How To Cook Tier 2 Recipes | +2 Star Dishes

Are you looking to step up your cooking game?




Navigating the Cuisineer landscape, I encountered the challenge of preparing Tier 2 recipes, essentially 2-star dishes. Despite possessing the necessary recipes, ingredients, and running a level 9 restaurant with upgraded cooking stations, these elusive dishes remained absent from my repertoire. But I’ve managed to figure it out. In this article, I go over all the details you need to know to cook +2 star dishes!

How To Cook Tier 2 Recipes – Cuisineer

Here are all the prerequiesites to cooking tier 2 recipes in Cuisineer:

  • Upgrade cooking stations to at least level 3;
  • Ensure your restaurant is at least level 9;
  • Confirm possession of the Tier 2 recipes;
  • Gather the required ingredients for the Tier 2 recipes;
  • Make sure that you have a 3-star table.

Most of these are a no-brainer, but it’s easy to overlook most as I did for the longest time.

The initial hurdle involved the absence of Tier 2 recipes or 2-star dishes despite having the right elements in place. A helpful suggestion from a seasoned player recommended upgrading cooking stations to at least level 3, shedding light on a crucial detail that often goes unnoticed.

As I delved into the game’s mechanics, a significant revelation surfaced. Contrary to assumptions, crafting 2-star dishes required a 3-star table, not a 2-star one. This detail clarified a common misconception among players, including myself.

To address the confusion surrounding station upgrades, I learned that pressing the right trigger on a controller, with the restaurant closed, initiates the upgrade process. Further exploration revealed an inconspicuous arrow for this purpose. The lack of intuitive prompts in the game interface had previously made me confused.


In the Cuisineer journey, mastering Tier 2 recipes (2-star dishes) demands a grasp of specific details within the game mechanics. Upgrading to level 3 cooking stations and understanding the nuances of station upgrades are pivotal steps.

This guide aims to provide straightforward insights to illuminate your path to culinary excellence in the digital realm.

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