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Cuisineer: Best Weapons Tier List

Which weapons is for you and why?




In the ever-expanding universe of Cuisineer, mastering the art of combat involves choosing the right weapon for the job. Here’s a tier list that categorizes weapons based on their effectiveness, versatility, and overall impact in the game.

S-Tier: Spears


  • Multi-hit attacks
  • Long-range dash for tactical repositioning
  • Excellent attack speed
  • Strong scalability with Blacksmith upgrades
  • Special attacks with significant reach and damage

Comments: Spears stand at the pinnacle of versatility, offering a well-rounded combination of speed, range, and power. Their ability to control the battlefield and dispatch enemies efficiently places them in the highest tier.

A-Tier: Durian Bombs


  • Multi-hit base attack
  • Projectiles that adhere to walls
  • Special attack with combo potential and low cooldown

Comments: Durian Bombs showcase precise explosive efficiency, making them a valuable asset in various combat scenarios. However, caution is advised due to their susceptibility to falling into holes.

B-Tier: Tenderizers


  • Special attack capable of dispatching specific mobs
  • Efficient material harvesting with dash attack

Comments: Tenderizers carve a niche with their ability to handle specific enemies efficiently. While not as versatile as spears, they excel in targeted engagements.

C-Tier: Throwing Plates with Shock


  • Surprising damage potential with Shock effect
  • Capable of wiping out mobs and bosses

Comments: Throwing Plates, especially when equipped with Shock, prove to be a force to be reckoned with. However, their performance may vary depending on the player’s playstyle.

D-Tier: Swordfish (Marlin Spear Variant)


  • Better ranged coverage
  • Faster special activation

Comments: While the Swordfish variant of the Marlin Spear offers some advantages, it falls slightly short when compared to other top-tier weapons.

F-Tier: Kebab (Marlin Spear Variant)


  • Less effective special attack compared to Marlin Spear

Comments: The Kebab variant, with its less effective special attack, finds itself at the lower end of the tier list. Players may find better alternatives for their arsenal.

This tier list provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of weapons in Cuisineer. Keep in mind that personal playstyle, preferences, and strategies may influence the effectiveness of each weapon. Experimentation is key to finding the perfect culinary arsenal that suits your adventurous journey in the game.

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