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Cuisineer: What Does Bubble Tea Upgrade Do?

Should you upgrade it?

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Cuisineer: What Does Bubble Tea Upgrade Do? Feateured Image

The cute adventurous cooking game Cuisineer is here and among the things you can have is the bubble tea that you can upgrade. On top of that, you can actually upgrade your classic bubble tea, the Fresh Milk Tea while slaying monsters. But then you cannot seem to figure out what exactly it does.

Well, we can assure you that each upgrade in the game will definitely help with your future adventures. Including the Bubble Tea!

What Does Bubble Tea Upgrade Do?

Upgrade Bubble Tea, or the Fresh Milk Tea, is going to add to the total health point it recovers. And if you’ve been diving into dungeons for hours, you know just how important HP is in this game that has no DEF. It is literally your only crutch to survive the fights.

Bubble Tea upgrade grants extra 5 HP per upgraded level. So, at maximum, you’re getting extra 20 HP healed for a total of 50 HP per glass of Fresh Milk Tea.

And you can carry a total of 4 each run which will definitely increase your chances of surviving hard dungeon runs. You’re also able to upgrade your maximum HP limit later, so bigger heal is always appreciated!

Cuisineer: What Does Bubble Tea Upgrade Do?

Upgrading the Bubble Tea is definitely worth it in this game. Especially in the early game where you can’t really play with different builds to tackle monsters. And that’s what the Bubble Tea upgrade does in Cuisineer.

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