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Cuisineer: Brewery Guide & Effects

Brew your way to victory.

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Cuisineer is a cute game that is both a roguelite and a cooking game. The reason why is because while you’re not beating up monsters for loot and resources, you will be running a restaurant. Yes, it’s a Cooking Mama dungeon game.

In Cuisineer, you will be running a restaurant and fighting monsters, so brewing things is something you will be doing a lot in the game. If you’re looking to understand brewing more in the game, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you the effects you can get when you brew in the game.

Brewery Guide & Effects

When you brew, you will always get an effect after the end of your brewing. This is mostly for when you’re out fighting against the monsters.

The brew effect mostly comes from the ingredient and the recipe you are using. So, here is a list of the recipes, as well as the effect you get when using a certain ingredient:

  • Boiled Egg – Push Effect (Salty)
  • Steam Chicken – Push Effect (Salty)
  • Sliced Leafy Green (Salad) – Poison
  • Steamed Leaf – Poison
  • Prepped Tomato – Electro
  • Tomato Paste – Sweet + Electro
  • Coconut Milk – Sweet
  • Boiled Potato – Push
  • Fried Potato – Push
  • Boiled Beef – Push + Armor
  • Cooked Mushroom – Poison + Shield
  • Fried Mushroom – Poison + Shield
  • Spicy Soup – Fire
  • Melted Cheese – Push + Shield
  • Tentacle – Ice
Cuisineer: Brewery Guide & Effects

That’s all you need to know about the brewery and the effects you can get in Cuisineer. Did this guide help you understand how the system works? Let us know in the comments below.

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