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Cuisineer: Best Builds & Playstyle Guide

Cook your builds to perfection!

Christian Gallos



Cuisineer: Best Builds & Playstyle Guide Featured Image

One of the most enjoyable features of Cuisineer is the opportunity to mix-and-match different builds and playstyles. Yet, the joy of experimentation shouldn’t overshadow the thrill and taste of victory. I’m here to help you toward both enjoyment and success with some entertaining yet very effective builds. Let’s take a look!

Best Builds & Playstyle Guide

Explore these 4 builds to find the one that suits you best. Feel free to experiment and tweak them—consider them a work in progress, not yet perfectly cooked. (Pun intended)

Build #1 Wreck-it-Pom!

  • Throwing Plate – Timer Proc 2 ⭐ & Salty
  • Durian Bomb – Salty & Shielding Dash
  • Gloves – Concussive Push 2 ⭐ & Push Damage 3 ⭐
  • Boots Piercing 2 ⭐ & Concussive Push 2 ⭐

This build aims to push enemies into walls by quickly hitting them with a plate or pulling them in with a Durian’s slow but constant projectile.

Once they’re against a wall, go all out with your Salty attacks. However, keep in mind that effective positioning is crucial for maximizing the potential of this build.

Cuisineer: Best Builds Walls

Build #2 Mm mm mm ~ The Flavors Are Melting On My Tongue!

  • Kebab Skewer – SwiftStrike Push & Shielding Dash
  • Durian Bomb – Durian Proc 2 ⭐& Sweet
  • Gloves – Concussive Push 3 ⭐ & Shocking Dash
  • Boots Flaming Dash & Icy Dash

The key to success for this build lies in stacking every flavor onto everything using the multi-flavor dashes in your gear.

Choose a light weapon with frequent dashes to fully embrace this high-octane, aggressive setup.

With every flavor at your disposal, Pom becomes an unstoppable force of nature, capable of handling any situation the game throws your way.

Cuisineer: Best Builds Flavor Stacking

Build #3 Make It Rain! With Eggs?!

  • Egg Timer Bomb – Durian Proc 2 ⭐ & Sour
  • Egg Timer Bomb – Timer Proc 2 ⭐ & Icy
  • Gloves – Durian Proc 3 ⭐& Shielding Dash
  • Boots Durian Proc 2 ⭐& Timer Proc 3 ⭐

Unconventional yet effective, this build focuses on bombarding enemies from an extensive range with your two Egg Timer Bombs. By rotating your hand reloads, you can continuously unleash a barrage of projectiles from a considerable distance.

This build excels in engaging enemies across rooms, over gaps, and even beyond walls. Additionally, Egg Timers can take on tougher enemies instantly, depending on the flavor and upgrade level. This versatile build is not limited to ranged options and poses a threat even at close quarters.

Cuisineer: Best Builds Eggs

Build #4 Emotional Damage!

  • Swordfish – Poison Damage 1 ⭐& SwiftStrike Flame
  • Durian Bomb – Poison Damage 3 ⭐ & Toasty
  • Gloves – Flaming Dash & Shielding Dash
  • Boots Duration Up (Poison) 3 ⭐& Duration Up (Aflame) 3 ⭐

Why Emotional Damage? Well, watch your enemies cry as they slowly disintegrate all the while trying to catch you.

This build adopts a hit-and-run playstyle. The goal is to stack poison and/or fire effects to their maximum potential and then traverse the room, letting everything slowly succumb to the damage over time.

More importantly, this build shines in boss fights, as you continue to inflict damage even when the boss is invulnerable, out of reach, or too perilous to approach. If you seek a safe and reliable option for challenging encounters, this combo will suit you perfectly. *chef’s kiss*

Cuisineer: Best Builds DoT Hit and Run

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