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Cuisineer: Debt Guide

Where do I get the money from?

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Cuisineer: Debt Guide Featured Image

Diner Dash x Roguelite game Cuisineer is a fun world filled with catgirls and bubble teas with the horror of debt. Not even in a fantastical world can you escape the clutch of having negative in your ledger.

Financial management is one of the core gameplays in Cuisineer as you have to balance between upgrading your equipment, store, and paying off the debt. How to survive capitalism while drinking bubble tea and mee rebus, here we go!

Debt Guide

To maximize your time in paying off the debt, which is about 2000 coins. This amount is actually easier to achieve than you imagine.

You’ll be spending the first 2-3 days getting quests and introduced to the basics. By the first time you open your restaurant during lunch rush hour, you should be able to snag up 500 coins.

Here’s how much I earned by the second time I opened my restaurant.

Cuisineer Total Earnings

Tips to finish this up within the second lunch rush hour:

  • Invest in buying more tables and seats which will increase customer visits to Potato Palace, with the 500 coins, I got 2 extra seats for a total of 3 which was just the right amount
  • Spend a whole day to gather ingredients in the dungeon, I find myself stockpiling on Pale Meat from the boars because I saw a notification on Pale Meat hype and I ended up selling 15 plates of that
  • Micro-manage your customers by bringing the food to them, yes, they can take their own food, but those elderly are going to take their sweet time
  • Open for a full-day for efficient, maximum earning

There are going to be slow hours which are downtime for you to rest before the rush hour again. But I managed to do a near-perfect run without having to stockpile on orders. The one mistake was because I placed the wrong order on the wrong guy, which is possible, yes. And they’ll leave without paying you.

Cuisineer Gameplay Image

Don’t worry–this is not the only debt you have to pay. There are going to be even bigger debt that you have to deal with in the future. For 10,000 coins, about 2-3 days of full restaurant opening should be enough to pay back the amount.

Always remember, even if you don’t pay it off now, it’s not going to impede your quest progress. It’s just another quest despite them saying that it’s a debt you have to repay. And that’s the guide for the Debt that you have to pay in Cuisineer.

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