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Cuisineer: How To Increase Foot Traffic

Get more customers!

Christian Gallos



Cuisineer: How To Increase Foot Traffic Featured Image

Having a smooth foot traffic in Cuisineer is essential to run a successful diner in the game. And there’s so much to do with all of them requiring a huge sum of money aside from materials that you need to grind.

And this guide is about helping you increase your foot traffic for Potato Palace which means more money and faster upgrades. Without further ado, here we go!

How To Increase Foot Traffic

Foot traffic in Cuisineer mainly depends on your seat availability. There won’t be more guests if there aren’t anywhere to sit, so this is your main priority. Although arranging your seats may take extra time to work out because of how tight the space is when you just started the game.

No worries, you’ll be able to expand your restaurant as time goes by and naturally allow more customers to come in.

Cuisineer: How To Increase Foot Traffic

The second important thing is through acquiring new recipes. Learning new recipes by taking quests from the village and Pom’s acquaintances will increase the number of customers that come.

With that said, Cuisineer is a game that will definitely tempt you to spend more time than you realized. So take your time to enjoy the atmosphere of the game as you slowly expand to become a successful diner owner and adventurer!

And those are the main ways you can increase the foot traffic for Potato Palace in Cuisineer!

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