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Cuisineer: How To Get Lots Of Ingredients

Don’t run out while the restaurant is open!

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Cuisineer: How To Get Lots Of Ingredients Featured Image

Ingredients in Cuisineer often run out before you realize it. While diving for wood and stones, you only realized that you’re now out of the most basic ingredient to open the restaurant! How can you get enough ingredients in Cuisineer?

How To Get Lots Of Ingredients

There’s no magic to getting more ingredients in the world of Cuisineer. But there’s something called proper planning and diving into the dungeon with a purpose.

Here are several tips to be efficient in grinding for ingredients for Potato Palace and quests:

  • Check calender for best-selling ingredients; calender is just next to the restaurant in front of the village entrance.
  • Learn which dungeon drops which ingredient the most.
  • Delete non-important ingredients; for example, you don’t need to carry 40 eggs when you already 50 at home.
  • Skip unimportant levels; certain levels in the dungeon won’t drop the materials that you need, so you can just dash out safely.
  • Upgrade backpack for extra slots; the first upgrade is going to make dungeon runs more effective.
  • Upgrade the fridge; with more items to store, the easier it is to manage your ingredients so you don’t have to throw them away.
  • Trade them at the Trader NPC.
Cuisineer: How To Get Lots Of Ingredients

And those are some tips to hopefully help you in getting more ingredients and making your dungeon runs more effective in Cuisineer!

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