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Cuisineer: Can You Remove Recipes From The Menu?

Customers keep ordering stuff you can’t make huh?




In the dynamic culinary realm of Cuisineer, aspiring virtual chefs often seek ways to fine-tune their menu and control the recipes available to customers. While the game doesn’t explicitly offer a feature to remove recipes, strategic ingredient management can be your secret weapon.

Can You Remove Recipes From The Menu?

The short answer is no, you can’t. The long answer is yes, but indirectly:

Early on, you’ll receive a ‘personal’ fridge after upgrading your restaurant three times, reaching level 4. Placing this fridge in your bedroom becomes a game-changer. Why?

Because it allows you to store ingredients selectively, ensuring that those particular items won’t be available for customers to order.

This ingenious method enables you to indirectly influence your menu composition. By stashing certain ingredients in the fridge, you effectively limit the choices customers have, directing them toward the dishes you’re prepared to serve.

It’s a nuanced approach that savvy chefs in Cuisineer have adopted to tailor their offerings to their advantage.

However, this game is not just about managing the menu; it’s a journey of mastering various elements. As you progress, quests like the “Only make crab dishes today” may pose challenges, hinting at the intricate design choices by the developers. While some may find the inability to change the menu for specific quests a strategic challenge, others might see it as a restriction that adds a layer of complexity.

Wrap Up

As you embark on your Cuisineer journey, remember that mastering the menu is not just a matter of recipes but also strategic decisions. Experimentation, shared experiences, and a touch of culinary creativity will guide you through the vibrant and evolving world of Cuisineer. Bon appétit!

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