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Second Extinction: Is it Worth Considering | Things to Know Before Buying

Second Extinction’s fast-paced gameplay looks pretty exciting, but is it really worth buying in its Early Access state?




Second Extinction’s gameplay revolves around taking down big dinosaurs using big guns on a big map. It’s an online first-person shooter that you can play by yourself or with a group of friends. That said, the game is still in Early Access, but it has shown a bit of promise so far.

Considering all that, is the game worth it in its current state? Let’s find out.

Is it Worth Considering | Things to Know Before Buying Second Extinction

Your main objective in Second Extinction is to take down a horde of dinosaurs using a wide arsenal of weapons. However, these aren’t the typical dinosaurs that you can find in games like ARK or The Isle. Instead, these are mutated versions which means they’re much bigger, fiercer, and stronger.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by dinosaurs with only a few remaining survivors left. As one of the remaining survivors, your goal is to take the planet back by taking down dinosaurs that are roaming the lands.

Solo and Co-op Gameplay

You can enjoy Second Extinction in a single-player session or a co-op session with other players. The co-op session allows you to team up with two other players to complete your objective.

According to developer Systemic Reaction, the game is much more enjoyable to play co-op as it makes challenges a lot easier to overcome.

Of course, you can beat the game in a single-player session, but you can expect it to be much harder than teaming up with other people.

Various Dinosaurs Available

The dinosaurs you can find in Second Extinction are quite different from the dinosaurs you see in other media. In the game, these dinosaurs have mutated to the point that they are a lot more dangerous and scary to look at.

Their mutations also mean that they have unique abilities and attack patterns you want to watch out for. Some good examples include the ability to spit acid, generate electricity, and a whole lot more.

Last but not least, dinosaurs in the game can call for backup and even work with each other to take down your group.

Gameplay Loop

The gameplay loop of Second Extinction is all about clearing missions and waves upon waves of dinosaurs in the process. However, to keep the loop from becoming too repetitive, there are certain additions such as weather and time of day to spice things up.

For example, missions that are done during the night have their own unique set of challenges to the typical missions during the daytime.

Certain weather events like sandstorms and snowstorms can also make the game even more challenging than it already is.

Characters and Weapons

There are several characters you can choose from in Second Extinction. Not only that, but each of them has its own unique weapons that you can use.

For example, we have Rosy who takes on the role of a tank and has a minigun to take down packs of dinosaurs quickly and easily.

There’s also Jurgen who uses a sniper rifle to take down enemies from a safe distance. Each of these characters has its own strengths and weaknesses. It will be up to you which one you want to bring to a mission.

Exciting Emergency Landing Mode

If you just want to shoot down as many dinosaurs as you can without worrying about missions, then this mode is for you. The game’s Emergency Landing mode is basically a horde mode where waves of dinosaurs will come running at you.

You start with just a pistol to take down the hordes of dinosaurs. Of course, you will earn credits when killing dinosaurs. You can then use those credits to buy even more powerful weapons which allow you to even take on harder waves.

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Game Review

Frozen Flame Review: What to Expect from this new ARPG Survival Game

Get ready for the newest RPG survival game this Fall of 2022. Welcome to Arcana.





Frozen Flame Review What to Expect from this new ARPG Survival Game

Dreamside Interactive is about to release its new story-based action role-playing game called the Frozen Flame. This is not just your ordinary role-playing games that deal with human NPCs that will give you certain tasks and quests to complete. Frozen Flame is more than that.

This game is about your adventure inside Arcana, a land that was once governed by dragons. Now, intoxicated by the curse, the land needs a soul capable of harnessing the primeval magic to lead the land and gather allies to fight against the Ice Citadel.

As the antagonist of the game, the Ice Citadel will spread darkness and rot over the realm.

While it is already an interesting story plot, there are still a lot of things that you have to learn aside from the story itself.

Frozen Flame Review: Is it Worth Considering?

What to Expect from this new ARPG Survival Game – Frozen Flame
Source: Vulkan

While it is exciting to know what awaits you inside the game, it is important to familiarize yourself first with basic things before we delve deeper into the game.

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you have to expect from the game. This includes the explorations, combat, world, specializations, and house buildings.

Let’s get started!


Explorations Frozen Flame
Source: Vulkan

Since the previous access to the game was just a demo, Citadel was not able to get covered. However, the first area of the game was.

In the early area of Frozen Flame, there were already enemies that needs to be taken down. Once they are killed, you can loot the items that they have to add to your inventory. You can also loot crates. Destroy them and you can collect items such as armor blueprints.

One of the first tasks you will be asked to do is search for four masks that will be used to activate the teleporter. However, these masks are protected by bosses so you will have to be in your game face.

Frozen Flame
Source: Vulkan

What makes Frozen Flame more interesting is because of the vast world that it has. The whole environment has a lot of enemies to defeat, dungeons to explore, and hidden areas with chests that are yet to be discovered.


Source: Vulkan

So far, the game is still lacking a variety of enemies. As of today, the only enemies that you will encounter are the floaters, cursed natives, warthogs, and skeletons that can be found in the dungeons which are very deadly.

However, it is only expected to have a limited variety of enemies, since this is just the early area of the game.

In terms of fighting, you will have a stamina bar that you have to consider. But going all-out on an enemy and using all this up won’t cause you anything.

As the game progresses, you will eventually have skills to fight enemies. But skills are not the only way to fight them. You will also have your weapons.

Source: Vulkan

At first, you will have a wood-cutting axe equipped. But once your house is already built, you can start crafting weapons to significantly improve your damage.

But more importantly, you have to craft the weapon that will best match your specialization and skills which will also be covered later.



While you are roaming around the area, you will find these pillars and stone tablets that you can interact with.

These small stone tablets will give you a sneak peek at the game’s lore, while the pillars will help you activate challenges. But these challenges are just the simple ones such as catching a specific number of fish, defeating a certain number of enemies, and finding hidden objects or altars.

Both the pillars and stone tablets will help you gain exp and level up fast. Once you level up fast, you will get to modify your character more. This is because each level rewards you with an increase in your stats and a certain amount of the game currency called the Frozen Flame.



As mentioned earlier, you will have to collect Frozen Flames. This currency is technically skill points. You can use the skill points to choose from the three specializations. You can go to the altar and spin it using the Frozen Flame.

The three specializations that you can choose from are warrior, mage, and archer.

Each specialization will have three active skills and three passive skills.

Building Mechanics

House Building

Lastly is house building. To be able to construct your house, you must first gather enough number of the needed resources such as branches, twigs, stones, and wood.

Once you have already gathered the needed resources, you can start off by laying down the construction core or the base of your house. So make sure that before you plot your construction core, you have already picked a good spot that is flat.

One interesting fact about your construction core is that you can teleport to it. So, one thing you might want to consider doing is building your house beside or near the construction core.

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