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Disney Speedstorm: Which Edition to Get – Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate

Can’t decide which version is best for you? Let us help you out.




Disney Speedstorm is an upcoming free-to-play kart racing game featuring lots of popular Disney characters.

It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, and Nintendo Switch.

While there’s no release date given for the full launch, you can actually play right now if you purchase one of the Founder’s Packs! This gives many benefits, including Early Access.

But which edition should you buy? We’ll break down every one of them for you to help you choose.

Standard Founder’s Pack

Source: Official Disney Speedstorm Website

The Standard Founder’s Pack contains the following:

  • Early Access to Disney Speedstorm
  • Instant Unlock for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
  • Additional Racer of your choice from the following: Baloo, the Beast, Belle, Elizabeth, Mowgli, or Shang
  • 4000 Tokens
  • 2 Golden Pass Credits
  • Exclusive Founding Member racing suits for all characters in the bundle.
  • Exclusive Founding Member kart liveries for all characters in the bundle.
  • Exclusive Founder’s Motto and Avatar.

Tokens are a currency that can be earned by completing in-game goals and can be used to buy a variety of items from the in-game shop. They’re not seasonal, so you can accumulate them over time.

Meanwhile, Golden Pass credits are a seasonal currency that can be used to unlock the premium tier of the Golden Pass. This basically allows you to get more rewards during each season.

This pack costs around 30 USD. You get a decent amount of content and it’s not very expensive either, plus you get to play during Early Access!

We recommend this edition for the average gamer.

Deluxe Founder’s Pack

This pack contains everything the Standard Founder’s pack does plus the following extras:

  • Instant Unlock for Mulan as a racer.
  • 3000 more Tokens (for a total of 7000 Tokens).
  • Exclusive Founding Member racing suit and kart livery for Mulan.

You can get this pack for around 50 USD, but it’s not really worthwhile in our opinion. It costs around 20 USD more than the Standard edition and you only get one more racer and some more Tokens.

We only recommend this pack to diehard Mulan fans, as this is the easiest way to get her currently.

Ultimate Founder’s Pack

This pack builds onto the Deluxe Founder’s Pack, adding the following bonuses:

  • Instant Unlock for Captain Jack Sparrow and Hercules.
  • 5000 more Tokens (for a total of 12000 Tokens)
  • 1 more Golden Pass credit (for a total of 3 Golden Pass Credits)
  • Exclusive Founding Member racing suit and kart liveries for Captain Jack Sparrow and Hercules.
  • Kart wheels and wings for Donald Duck’s kart.

This pack is sold for around 70 USD. It’s the easiest way to get Captain Jack Sparrow and Hercules.

You will get 6 instant character unlocks with this pack.

These include Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mulan, Captain Jack Sparrow, Hercules, and an additional character of your choosing. Quite a lot of racers!

You also get a lot of Tokens, though it’s hard to know how worthwhile they are currently. We simply don’t know if they’re easy to obtain by playing normally or not.

Still, this is a very expensive pack. We can only recommend it to diehard Disney fans who absolutely need to get Captain Jack Sparrow or Hercules right away.

In the end, we highly recommend the Standard Pack over the others as it’s simply the best bang for your buck.

Alternatively, you can just wait for the game to release out of Early Access as it will be free-to-play. However, there’s no official release date yet, so it might take a while!

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