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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Why You Should Be Excited About | New Monsters, Special Quests, and More

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is right around the corner, and with just a month left before it releases, fans of the genre will have a lot of stuff to get excited about.




The upcoming Sunbreak DLC for Monster Hunter Rise is slated to be released on June 30 this year, and with the game getting closer and closer to its release date, Monster Hunter fans just can’t help but get excited with the handful of new information that has been dropped not long ago.

Let’s find out what those are and what you can look forward to once the game is finally available for download.

Why You Should Be Excited About Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is set to release this June 30, 2022, seven months after it first got teased back in September 2021. The update will take up to 13Gb in order to play the expansion, and you’ll need to finish the “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” quest first before you can even access the new content.

The latest digital event which was held a day ago gives us a glimpse of the things we can expect with the release and more. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Three New Monsters

The digital event has introduced three new monsters that we’re going to encounter in Sunbreak.

The first one is called Seregios which is a flying Wyvern that hunts its prey using aerial divebomb attacks. It also inflicts bleeding on anyone it hits with its sharp scales. This “Bleed” status effect can quickly drain your health if you perform any action during its duration.

The second new monster is called Aurora Somnacanth which is an ice-based Leviathan that has a cold breath attack and a variety of ice-based attacks. Then there’s the last monster called Magma Almudron who is a fire-based Leviathan that is covered in molten magma which it flings at its targets.

Apart from the addition of these new monsters, existing monsters in the base version of the game will also have new attacks and combos that will catch even the most seasoned hunters off-guard.

Switch Skill Swap Mechanic

The next major reveal in the digital event is the Skill Switch Swap mechanic which is a massive game-changer considering it allows you to swap between two Switch Skills sets mid-combat. This means that you no longer need to go back to the camp as you can do so on the fly.

This new mechanic can be bound on a specific key but can also be activated via a new move referred to as the Swap Evade. This is a new evasive maneuver that lets you do the Skill Switch Swap mechanic while dodging enemy attacks at once.

Apart from this new mechanic, certain QoL improvements will be added to the base version of the game. One notable example is the ability to start Wall Running when running up walls without the need for a Wirebug Dash.

Followers Collab Quests

This new feature lets you gather some allies to help you hunt monsters in the game. It simply means that you won’t have to face the monsters all by yourself while doing singleplayer-only quests. However, take note that it only applies to such quests where you’ll be hunting monsters along with NPCs which are part of the game’s story.

These allies will have their own unique fighting styles that will greatly aid you in battle. Upon completing these singleplayer-only quests, you’ll be able to unlock exclusive rewards as well as more NPC Followers the further you progress through the game.

Elder Dragon Malzeno

The last vital piece of information revealed during the digital event features the expansion’s mysterious flagship monster, Malzeno.

As an Elder Dragon, players can expect a tough and challenging fight against this monster, as it has the ability to command insects that will suck out their target’s lifeforce, healing Malzeno in the process.

Malzeno also has a handful of devastating attacks in its arsenal, including the Bloodblight status effect which will gradually drain your health and decrease the amount of healthy recovery you can get from potions. The only way to get rid of this status effect is to directly attack Malzeno which will also let you restore any stolen health.

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