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Every Trophy in The Callisto Protocol

Don’t let them get you, Jacob!

Nicole Barelli



every trophy in the callisto protocol

Developed by Striking Distance Studios, The Callisto Protocol has caught the attention of horror fans since its reveal trailer. Brutal kills, an eerie atmosphere, and a striking resemblance to the beloved Dead Space have guaranteed the spiritual successor a place in the library of many gamers. The Callisto Protocol is still a few days short of release at the time of writing, but we can already investigate the game’s trophy list! Are you willing to defy the game’s horrors to unlock its trophies?!

The Callisto Protocol – Every Trophy

The Callisto Protocol has a total of 27 Trophies. Of those, there’s 1 Platinum Trophy, 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 10 Bronze.

Here’s the full list:

It’s over, Jacob! (Platinum)

Collect all trophies.

Gold Trophies

I Do Belong Here

Beat the game on any difficulty.

You Need a Gun

Fully Upgrade One Weapon.

The Protocol is About Life

Beat the game on Maximum Security difficulty.

Grim Reaper

Harvest and read all implant bios.

The Commonality

Uncover the mystery of Kallipolis.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Take down the two-head.

In Striking Distance

Using GRP and a melee combo, kill an enemy.

Silver Trophies

Get a Grip

Grab twenty-five enemies with the GRP.


Take down a security robot.

Paper Jams

Print a weapon for the first time.


Print a weapon upgrade.

Giving Back

Stab five blind enemies in the back.

Float Like A Butterfly

Perfect dodge five times.

Flesh Wound

Take both arms off a living enemy using melee or ranged weapons.

Chew ‘Em Up

Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards.

Workplace Hazard

To kill an enemy, throw them into an environmental hazard using GRP.

Bronze Trophies


Take a photo using photo mode.

The Outer Way

Find the Outer Way boarding craft.

Desperate Times

Elias gives Jacob a shiv.

If the SHU Fits…

Activate the SHU.

Without A Paddle

Survive the pipeslide.

Crash Site

Return to the crashed ship.

In the Pipe, Five by Five

Reach the Hangar flight deck.

Power Up

Restore power to the old facility.

What Lies Beneath

Finds the source.

Full Circle

Get thrown back into the original cell.

every trophy in the callisto protocol2

And that’s the Trophy List for The Callisto Protocol! Some story-related trophies, some requiring the repeated use of certain weapons or skills…

Overall, it seems like an easy Platinum. However, we must wait until the game’s release to see how difficult is the Maximum Security difficulty (likely the hardest game mode), and how hard it will be to find all Implant Bios Collectibles.

Uncovering the mystery of Kallipolis could be story-related or demand something else from players. We’ll have to wait and see!

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