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Deep Rock Galactic: Coil Gun Overclocks First Impression

The developers of Deep Rock Galatic know how to tease their fans with new updates in the form of weapons and quests. The Coil Gun Overclocks are another of the many exciting weapons in their experimental build.




The Coil Gun Overclocks are in their experimental build, and they tease exciting features that players cannot wait to get their hands on. We will review the overclocks based on our first impression of them.

Coil Gun Overclocks First Impression – Deep Rock Galactic

There are six coil gun overclocks in the experimental build, including one clean overclock, three balanced overclocks, and two unstable.

Clean Overclock

We have the clean overclock known as the ultra magnetic coils that give you a longer and bigger trail.

It performs two different damage types when you fire the gun. It first hits like a regular bullet and then leaves a trail behind that deals damage to enemies that stand on the trail.

Balanced Overclocks

The first of the three balanced coil gun overclocks is the back feeding module. This module gives more ammo but deals less damage which can be useful in situations with multiple enemies.

The lesser damage only affects body shots as you’ll still be able to kill an enemy with a headshot.

The second is the mole that gives more damage as you punch through more terrains. The only con to the weapon is that it charges slower compared to other coil guns, which is not that much of a deal.

The third balanced overclock is the re-atomizer. It’s unique in its feature because it can spread ailments to enemies beyond the first one you shoot.

With this, you need to shoot through one enemy to give the ailment of the shot enemy to the others.

Unstable Overclocks

The first unstable overlock is the hellfire. This overclock gives a fire trail when you shoot at an enemy; it fires a shot normally and then leaves a trail that deals damage to enemies on that trail.

Its trailer is the wider company to most, so you can take on more enemies than usual. However, it has less ammo and a slower charge.

The second is the triple tech chamber that lets you fire off the residue from your first shot two times. This means you’ll get three shots from one bullet in quick succession.

However, it has a longer reload, slower charge, and stronger recoil.

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