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Deep Rock Galactic: Season 3 Grenade Tier List

Festival of explosions!

Nicole Barelli



deep rock galactic season 3 grenade tier list

Season 3 of Deep Rock Galactic is out, bringing fresh-out-of-the-oven weapons and items for the alien Dwarves to mine their Ores and keep monsters at bay! Bombs are becoming an increasingly potent arsenal weapon, and you get more of them in this new update too, which is why this guide will show you the best grenades the game has in this third season!

Season 3 Grenade Tier List – Deep Rock Galactic

Grenades are part of the Throwables category. Each Class—Driller, Engineer, Gunner, and Scout—has four unique throwables. Which ones are the best? Let’s take a look at the tier list below, which goes from C (worse) to S (better).

C Tier

High Explosive Grenade (Driller): A conventional grenade that lands and detonates after a few seconds. Simple, effective, but not particularly powerful.

B Tier

Neurotoxin Grenade (Driller): This grenade is packed with toxic gas, which is slowly released after it’s thrown over a large radius—the largest in the game! The gas slows enemies down by 30% and deals 12 Poison damage over time, but it’s safe for your Dwarves.

There’s also a secondary, optional function to this grenade if you want to make a big kaboom: allow the gas to spread as far as possible, gather as many enemies inside the cloud as you can, and then ignite it with the Driller’s flamethrower!

deep rock galactic season 3 grenade tier list2

Sticky Grenade (Gunner): Fans of FPS will recognise this one as the kind of grenade that sticks wherever it lands. It has spikes all over it and will explode a few seconds after sticking to a surface.

This grenade also has Fear Factor: some creatures (guaranteed on a few on them) might flee once stuck with the grenade. Plus, the ensuing explosion might frighten other nearby creatures, resulting in a chain Fear effect.

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Cluster Grenade (Gunner): Instead of exploding, this grenade splits into nine miniature payloads after a brief delay upon impact with the world. Those payloads then explode upon impact, combining to deal up to 360 damage.

Pheromone Canister (Scout): An interesting name for a grenade that paints creatures with its substance, making them fight each other regardless of species. Occasionally, even non-painted enemies will change their target from a Dwarf to a painted enemy.

deep rock galactic season 3 grenade tier list3

A Tier

Incendiary Grenade (Gunner): This grenade will encircle an area in a roaring fire, damaging anyone who walks through it (allies included, unlike the CRSPR’s Sticky Flames). If a creature lingers in the flames, it will cause spontaneous combustion.

This grenade deals no direct damage, even enemies who are directly hit with the grenade, while instantly combusting, will only take tick fire damage from the flames on the ground and while burning after leaving the fire circle.

L.U.R.E (Engineer): Acronym for Laser Utility Refraction Emitter, it’s used to distract enemies with the hologram of a dancing Dwarf. The effectiveness depends on how close the enemy was when the L.U.R.E activated and whether they currently have a target. Bigger enemies are also more resistant.

A maximum of ten enemies can fall for a single L.U.R.E at once. Once the hologram’s health depletes, it discharges a small electrical shockwave, which deals a bit of damage and has a high Electrocution chance.

deep rock galactic season 3 grenade tier list4

Plasma Bluster (Engineer): This grenade immediately detonates upon hitting the ground, creating four medium plasma explosions which detonate in sequence in a line.

The bursts cannot scale walls and will “bounce” off in the opposite direction if there are more bursts to be created when the line hits a wall. All four plasma bursts combined deal 240 (60 * 4) damage.

Proximity Mine (Engineer): Sticking these baddies to any surface will project a yellow circle which traces along the shape of the floor, representing the radius in which it will detect enemies (larger than Glyphid Swarmer) and create an explosion of 440 AOE

S Tier

Inhibitor-Field Generator (Scout): Sticks to any surface and emits a field that slows down enemies by 75% and increases their damage taken by 30%.

Cryo Grenade (Scout): A powerful grenade that produces an icy mist when it detonates. The mist freezes enemies, rendering them completely immobilized and receiving triple damage.

Impact Axe (Driller): Deals 3 instances of damage at once. Direct melee damage is divided into 2 parts, and AOE explosive damage, dealing 240 damage as well as stunning the target. As long as the Impact Axes are not dealing the 2nd part of direct damage, they can be retrieved.

deep rock galactic season 3 grenade tier list5

Are you ready to explode your way to victory? Happy gaming!

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