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Deep Rock Galactic Season 03: Patch 5 Build 79197 | Patch Notes

All of the changes in the latest build for Deep Rock Galactic!




Deep rock galactic patch notes 1

Is there anything more badass than Dwarves? Dwarf aliens! The new game from Ghost Ship Games puts players in the shoes of groups of dwarves battling alien monsters and mining ores in procedurally generated caves. The game sounds fun enough — and it is! You might get lost if you’re a new player. There is a brand to patch too (Patch 5 Build 79197), and there are quite a few changes!

Patch 5 Build 79197 Patch Notes – Deep Rock Galactic

In this patch, you will be able to participate in the Plague Warning Challenges that were previously unavailable to all but the most prestigious miners. There are also keybinding changes that have been reversed from the last patch and the Omen tower become mortal once again.

Deep rock galactic patch notes2

Here are all the changes introduced in Patch 5 *Build 79197* in Deep Rock Galactic:

  • It has been fixed that when the pickaxe is outside the melee attack range but within the mining range, it makes noise and particles as if you had hit an enemy
  • This season has been updated to include the three Plague Warning Challenges that were missing
  • The ammo case for the Infinite Flamethrower has been fixed
  • Fixed banshee pulse effect not appearing for fire arrows, and banshee pulse not appearing for air arrows
  • Corrections to SSG’s spelling and grammar
  • Missing text has been added to the mission control speech regarding the fixed rock crackers
  • Changes to DefaultInput.Ini have been reverted, hopefully resolving Tab/Esc issues
  • Fixes a problem with loading tips
  • It has been fixed that Caretaker tentacles are not always respectful of objects and stab through things like supply pods as a result
  • Instead of stabbing into the gunner’s shield, the Caretaker Tentacles will shoot at it
  • Fixed a problem where Omen Modular Exterminator would not die

Those include all of the changes in this update!

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