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Deep Rock Galactic: Drak Rewiring Overclock Guide

Heat it up!

Nicole Barelli



deep rock galactic drak rewiring overclock guide

In Deep Rock Galactic, the Scout has entered the rank of favourite classes for co-op or even solo matches due to the reliability of its strong set of weapons and equipment. Today, we’re looking at the DRAK-25 and one of its most talk-about Overclock, the Rewiring Mod!

Drak Rewiring Overclock Guide – Deep Rock Galactic

The DRAK-25 Plasma Rifle is a retro-futuristic carbine that can be unlocked as an alternate primary weapon for the Scout class.

As powerful as this weapon is, there’s a trick to it. Each shot of the Plasma Rifle produces heat, which is measured by the digital display and jams the weapon when the heat meter is full, rendering it useless for a couple of seconds.

deep rock galactic drak rewiring overclock guide2

Here enters the Rewiring Mod, whose official description goes:

“By rewiring the thermal systems into a secondary cell and connecting it to the primary battery, your weapon can convert the energy from overheating into ammo. However, this reduces the maximum capacity of the primary battery significantly.”

It’s worth noting that the returns are lower each time, so you can’t have infinite ammo. So, with all of this considered, players must think carefully about when to force the overheat.

Let’s talk about what Mods you can pair with this Overclock (Mods not mentioned should be ignored for this build):

Tier 1

High-Volume Plasma Feed: a good choice for burst damage and close range; makes the weapon overheat faster.

Stronger Particle Accelerator: easier to aim, helping you to hit mobile targets and those at longer ranges.

Tier 2

Larger Battery: this gives you more longevity, but your damage per second takes a tumble.

Increased Particle Density: better damage, but not for a long stretch. There really isn’t a perfect option for Tier 2.

Tier 3

Custom Coil Alignment: a good option, especially if you decided on Increased Particle Density as the combination will allow you to hit far away targets with decent accuracy and a huge ammo pool.

Hot Feet: technically worse than Custom Coil Alignment, but this boosts your speed when the weapon overheats. Normally, you wouldn’t want to overheat it, but hey, your goal here is to overheat, so you might want to take advantage of increased speed!

Tier 4

Overcharged PCF: considered one of the best Mods across all DRAK builds, this gives you a 15% chance to electrocute enemies on hit. Nice to clean swarms. Works very well with either Tier 3 option too.

Plasma Splash: lose 5 direct damage points but gain 5 splash damage area points. Great to clean swarms.

Destructive Resonance Amp: gives you a 200%+ armour break bonus, which can be good if a specific enemy is giving you a headache.

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Tier 5

Manual Heat Dump: this is the Mod that elevates Rewiring OC to another level. It returns more ammo proportional to ammo fired the more heated the weapon is.

Some complicated math is involved, and it’s not that easy to use, but with practice, you’ll be able to control the overheat, the possible speed bonus you may get, and how much ammo you get back.

Thermal Feedback Loop: in case you prefer something more direct, although technically worse than Manual Heat Dump, this Mod is an option if you’re going for all damage.

deep rock galactic drak rewiring overclock guide3

I hope this guide was instructive! If you wish to read more about the maths involved in the Rewiring Overclock, please follow the link to this Reddit in-depth post: Drak-25 Rewiring Mod OC Effective Ammo Data and Analysis

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