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Deep Rock Galactic: Best Gk2 Build

Discover the best combinations for the Scout’s rifle!

Nicole Barelli



deep rock galactic best gk2 build

The Scout class is arguably one of the trickiest to master among the four alien Dwarves from Deep Rock Galactic. But it can be a great choice for co-op and even solo matches. Today, we’re looking at the Deepcore Gk2 to see how we can take the most out of this weapon!

Best Gk2 Build – Deep Rock Galactic

The Deepcore Gk2 is the Scout’s default weapon. It’s a balanced tool that’s good at long range and at close and mid ranges. With the modifications, there are a few ways you can change this weapon to make it better and suit your playstyle.

A good build for general purposes includes the following modifications:

Tier 1: Supercharged Feed Mechanism (+2 rate of fire)

Tier 2: Expanded Ammo Bags (+100 Max Ammo)

Tier 3: High Capacity Magazine (+10 Magazine Size)

Tier 4: Hollow Point Bullets (+20% Weakpoint Bonus)

Tier 5: Stun (+30% chance to stun on Weakpoint hit). Battle Frenzy (After killing an enemy, gain +50% Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds) is also cool, but since we equipped Hollow Point Bullets, Stun fits better.

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Overclock: Most overclock options are viable on this weapon, so you should choose the one that feels truest to your preferred playstyle. Compact Ammo is a good default in case you don’t feel like experimenting much.

deep rock galactic best gk2 build2

Now, if you wish to deal damage, you could change Tier 2 to Increased Calibre Rounds and Tier 3 to Improved Propellent. You can also switch Stun for Battle Frenzy if you’re in a mission that demands both damage and speed.

You might also want to test Bullets of Mercy, Overclocked Firing Mechanism, or AI Stability Engine for those types of high-damaged builds.

Good scouting!

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