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Warframe: Alternox Build Guide

The new Alternox weapon has arrived in Warframe; but how do you properly build it?




Warframe recently released update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman, featuring a new Warframe, weapons, items, missions, skills, and more. Gyre, the game’s 49th Warframe, first graced players with her presence, along with her signature rifle cannon, the Alternox.

The Alternox Build Guide In Warframe

The Alternox is  Gyre’s signature weapon, which has two firing mechanisms. It has the Electricity orbs as his primary ammo, and a plasma shot for its alternate fire. However, players are now having a hard time building the weapon. When equipped on Gyre, the Warframe’s multishot is increased by 20 percent, but even this buff is not enough for the Alternox to deal tremendous damage. Let’s take a look at some of the builds below.

Status and Raw Amount of Damage

The first build takes advantage of Alternox’s stats and raw damage. However, unlike other guns, which deal decent damage when equipped with similar mods and arcane, Alternox doesn’t really provide much output.

Here are the recommended mods:

  • Primed Bane of the Corrupted
  • Galvanized Chamber  (Rifle)
  • High Voltage
  • Malignant Force
  • Thermite rounds
  • Vigilante Armaments
  • Primed Firestorm


  • Primary Merciless

Crit Build

Almost all weapons have their crit build; Alternox is no exception. However, like the previous combination, this crit build works with other guns, but for Alternox, it might not yield the most significant damage. Still, it’s worth the try.


  • Rime Rounds
  • Hunter Munitions
  • Serration
  • Critical Delay
  • Vital Sense


  • Primary Merciless

Using Mirage Prime, Sentinel, and Madurai

For this last build, we’ll try the Alternox on Mirage Prime, add some Sentinel tricks, and activate Madurai. The following mods is supposed to obliterate any enemy on sight, but when equipped on Alternox, it still doesn’t kill enemies in one hit. Still, this is arguably the best Alternox build if you still want to use it as a primary weapon.


  • Corrosive Projection
  • Power Drift
  • Narrow Minded
  • Transcient Fortitude
  • Primed Continuity
  • Blind Range Umbral Fiber


  • Arcane Rage
  • Arcane Avenger


  • Aero Periphery
  • Vigilante Offense
  • Vigilante Supplies
  • Vigilante Armaments
  • Vigilante Fervor


  • Phoenix Talons

Currently, Alternox is mainly used as a primer instead of a primary weapon. Many players request developers to rework and buff it since its damage is too low for its tier. What do you think?

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