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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake: Does It Have New Content Added?

Is this the same old tale, or is it a new one?




Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake seems to be a fairly straightforward remake, mostly focused on new visuals but… does it have new added content?

The original game is a decade old by now, so this remake would be the perfect time to add some new content. Maybe a few extra scenes to expand the story or puzzles to give players more challenges?

In this article, we dive into everything we know about this remake and let you know if there’s any new content for returning fans to enjoy.

What’s the New Content Added to this Remake?

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake: Does It Have New Content Added?

For the most part, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake seems to have no new content added when compared to the original decade-old game.

Worth noting, though, that promotional descriptions and words from the developers state that there are some new secrets.

But, since they wanted to preserve the game’s direction, they didn’t want to make big additions.

However, even the most hawk-eyed of players haven’t been able to find any of these new supposed new secrets in this remake!

So, in that sense, it seems that there might not even be new secrets after all. Or, if there are, they are minimal enough that nobody playing the game has noticed them yet.

Quite a conundrum, huh? Even the game’s achievements don’t point toward any new content!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake gameplay

The remake adds two new achievements in comparison to the original game, but they are related to content that was already in the original game.

One thing remains clear, ultimately: there is no new content at all besides the alleged new secrets.

If you’ve already played the original Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, you aren’t missing out if you choose to skip this remake. Unless you just like the new visuals, of course!

Content aside, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake does add a new local co-op mode, so there’s that. It doesn’t have any online co-op, however, at least not without using workarounds like Share Play.

But, there you have it, that’s all there is to know about any new content added in the remake of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Ultimately, this remake just provides new visuals and a local co-op mode, with no new noteworthy content to be found.

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