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Undecember: How to Fix White Screen on PC

Getting stuck on loading screens can be frustrating.




Undecember has just launched last October 12 across multiple platforms in the gaming world. Like any game in its first week, there will be some troubles, bugs and kinks that might have filtered through the test phase.

One such problem that Pc players are having an issue with, is the game getting stuck on the loading screen.

Players have been posting their concerns and reports to social media platforms and some in the gaming community have been quick to post easy fixes as possible solutions to the problem.

Are you having the same problem with getting stuck in a white screen loop while trying to log in to the game? Here’s a quick solution for the white screen error in the Pc version of Undecember.

Guide on How to Fix  Pc White Screen in Undecember

This fix was uploaded by Sittiwat on YouTube and we have tested and verified it. To keep things simple and easy to follow, we will be breaking it down into steps.

Apps and Features

Image Source: Sittiwat

Go to your desktop and hit the Windows start button. From here, select and click Apps and Features.

Optional Features

From the options in Apps and Features, head down and select Optional Features. Afterwards, you will have to select the add optional feature until it brings you to the search bar.

Media Feature Pack

From your search bar on Add Optional Feature, type in Media Feature Pack. Once it shows in your list of options, click it to install.

Install, Restart and Play

Once you have the Media Feature pack installed, restart your pc and try to launch the game. Once it pushes past the loading screen to the developer Logo then you know that it’s fixed.

We are not entirely sure as to why this isn’t automatically installed together with the game but to save yourself some time if you are just starting to install and play the game, it’s best to add the Media Feature Pack manually as well.

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