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Where to Find Silent Leggings in Afterimage

Not sure where the Silent Leggings is? We got you covered!




The Silent Leggings is one of the themed pieces of gear in Afterimage. It follows the same thing as the other equipment which are the Silent Mask and the Silent Robe.

That said, the Silent Leggings offer decent defense and bonuses to your HP and MP. However, as with most items in the game, you need to obtain it from a specific location.

This guide will show you where its exact location is.

Silent Leggings’ Location in Afterimage

Source: Gamer Guides

You will be able to obtain the Silent Leggings from a chest in the Town of the Exiled. As you can see from the image above, the chest is located in the lower left portion of the area.

Before you head out, make sure to consume a Tree Radish Meat Stew or equip the Eye of Truth. Since the area is filled with fog, you won’t be able to see anything without a buff that improves your vision.

As soon as you have either of these two, you can then head to the Town of the Exiled. Make sure to take note of the player icon on the image, as we’ll be using it as your starting position.

Source: Gamer Guides

Once you arrive, move all the way left and jump through the wooden platform until you make your way to a giant tree. However, that giant tree is blocking the way, so you’ll have to take a detour.

For this one, simply drop down and make sure you land on the ledge below. Keep going left until you come across a series of wooden platforms leading all the way to the top.

Source: Gamer Guides

All you have to do is make your way to the top while avoiding the projectiles that shoot from both sides and from the ceiling.

You should then be able to see the chest on your right. Interact with it to obtain the Silent Leggings.

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