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How to Unlock Cooking in Afterimage

Prepare and eat meals to make your character stronger.




Cooking is a fairly important component of Afterimage, but you must first unlock it.

As with other games, the meals you cook will grant you a variety of permanent and temporary benefits. This makes them important for challenging some of the toughest parts of the game.

That said, if you haven’t unlocked the cooking mechanic yet, this guide will show you how.

How to Open Alice’s Cooking Shop in Afterimage

Source: Gamer Guides

You will get access to cooking once you complete Alice’s “Delicacy” quest which is started by speaking with her at the Resting Town.

Alice will ask you to gather some specific mushrooms which she will use to try to make a dish. For this, you need Mushroom Spores and Medium Rare Mushrooms.

You can get Mushroom Spores from Sporelings while the Medium Rare Mushrooms are obtained from Bouncing Fungus enemies.

Source: Gamer Guides

Both of these enemies can be found within the Field of Geo, and they are fairly common. It shouldn’t take you long to get the materials if you keep hunting them down.

Once you have what Alice requested, go back to Resting Town and speak with her again.

Deliver the goods and you will instantly be able to purchase food from her. Just choose the “Let’s see what you got” dialogue option in the menu.

Source: Gamer Guides

This will bring up a list of every meal she can prepare, though she will also ask you to bring ingredients for them. Additionally, there’s a small fee to pay for her services.

Eating a meal for the first time will give you a permanent stat buff, so we highly recommend that you try to eat every meal in the game at least once.

Besides this permanent stat increase, you will also get a temporary buff. For example, the Life on the Plains dish will increase your HP regen for a while.

That’s everything you need to know to use cooking in Afterimage! Make good use of it to get an advantage when you’re having trouble with a challenging area or boss.

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