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Where is the Flower Dance in Stardew Valley

Excited to check out the Flower Dance festival?

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Flower Dance is a festival that takes place on the 24th of every spring. During the festival, every shop and house remains closed from 9 AM to 2 PM.

This means you can’t access any of the homes or shops during this period. Also, you can only return to your farm once the festival ends which is at 10 PM.

In multiplayer, you can dance with other players at the festival. In single-player, you can ask the bachelor or bachelorettes to dance with you. However, you will need 4 hearts or more to ask them to dance or they will refuse.

That said, in order to join the festival, you first need to know where it takes place. This guide will help you out.

Flower Dance Location in Stardew Valley

Source: WaifuSimulator27

The Flower Dance takes place in the Cindersap Forest. The actual location is on the far west of the forest, across the bridge that is south of the Wizard’s Tower.

To find a partner, you have to talk to the bachelors and bachelorettes twice and ask them out. You’ll need at least four hearts for them to accept your proposal to dance.

If you are divorced in the game and you ask your ex-wife for a dance, they will outright reject your proposal with an angry dialogue box response!

Source: WaifuSimulator27

You can also opt out of dancing in the festival altogether, which would mean that the bachelors and bachelorettes will pair up amongst themselves and dance.

There is an NPC named Pierre who owns a booth, from whom you can buy some decorations for the Flower Dance. Here are the items that you can buy from his booth.

Seasonal DecorChanges with the seasons350g
Seasonal Plant(Pink)Changes with the seasons. Doesn’t require to be watered350g
Seasonal Plant(Yellow)Changes with the seasons. Doesn’t require to be watered350g
Tub o’FlowersBlooms in Spring and Summer250g
Tub o’Flowers recipeRecipe1000g
DandelionFlower. Can be used to make a salad50g
S. Wall FlowerFlower800g
Ceiling LeavesDecorative Leaves400g

And that concludes this short guide to where you can find the Flower Dance festival in the game.

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